In an unprecedented move, the technology of 3D printing has found a novel application in the cannabis space.

Printabowl is a new company comprised of two brothers attending college in Seattle, Washington. Al and Saul Jacobs, both artistic types, were inspired by a class on the intersection of creativity and scientific innovation. Shortly after, they came up with the idea to 3D print a line of ceramic water pipes.

Now, their pipes are gaining attention worldwide as some of the most artistic and high-tech pieces out there for smoking.

How It Works

A new but popular technology, 3D printing is extremely quick and detailed mass manufacturing. Designs from a computer are re-created by a robotic machine in seconds, as it fires liquid material such as plastic or cement with laser precision. The technology has proven useful for creating small consumer goods that are tough to manufacture with traditional molds, figurine replicas of larger objects, and even homebuilding in underdeveloped areas.

In the case of Printabowl, the pieces are printed with high-grade ceramic. While an individual art piece like this would normally take many hours to finish, Saul and Al are able to design one on the computer and mass produce within minutes – truly a game changer for producing fine consumer goods.

Described as “practical fine art,” the initial set of three water pipes, called the Cumulo Collection, were produced in closed editions, making them true 21st century collectors’ items. Each has a

The best part? They call their creations “visually evolved elevation instruments.”

The Future of Smoking

New, high-tech smoking devices are going to be all the rage during 2016 – even as many individuals choose to switch to a vaporizer.

Cannabis is still generally most effective when smoked, so a cool water pipe will really never go out of style. Now that the movement is becoming more mainstream, smokeware will cease to be just smokeware, and will start to serve as art and home decor to be proudly displayed (and used) when guests come over.

Want your own piece of the first-ever Printabowl collection? They’re a little pricey at $300 – $325, but they come with a hard plastic case that looks like it can stand the tests of time, travel, and anything else you put it through. Each water pipe also comes with a glass downstem and different bowl piece attachments – perfect for the versatile, on-the-go cannabis consumer.

There’s no doubt that we’ll see more new designs from Printabowl. This unique 3D-printed technology is already opening the door to fully customizable smoking accessories – perhaps one day soon, consumers will be able to upload their perfect pipe design directly to a printer and manifest their design within minutes.

As for the futuristic cannabis consumer? What will he or she be like, what products will they use? Printabowl founder Al Jacobs has some ideas.

“I imagine the futuristic cannabis consumer flying, not in a gravity-defying car, but after using a space-age 3D printed elevation instrument.” –Al Jacobs

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