Imagine enhancing your practice beyond the normal relaxing, well-being feeling you already receive during each yoga class. Ganja Yoga isn’t just yoga-plus-cannabis. Ganja Yoga with Dee Dussault is all about mindfulness or the inner mental work of yoga; freedom, or your ability to move your body in the unique way it needs; and Alignment, so you can enjoy a safe practice for years to come. The name says it all.

A place where you can smoke a joint and then spend the next 75-minutes relaxing and allowing yourself to unwind into a more spiritual, meditative state through Hatha Yoga, a gentle form of yoga that Dee Dussault teaches during the class. You are now able to let go of the – “I wonder if anyone knows I am high”. Dee creates an environment for each yogi to experience an enhanced practice for relaxation, well-being, and the cultivation of inner peace. *Bonus: Every class includes complimentary heath-forward cannabis to enlighten and enliven while relaxing and soothing.

Dee Dussault is the creator of Ganja Yoga. Ms. Dussault who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching for over 5, began offering enhanced Cannabis classes in Toronto in 2009.  By 2013,  she relocated to San Francisco where she became the First Woman Yoga Instructor in the United States to publicly offer a cannabis-enhanced yoga class.

Many of you may seem a bit skeptical about smoking a joint before yoga but if you look back in history Marijuana and Yoga have been used together for over thousands of years. Although it wasn’t joints, dabs or brownies, they did drink Bhang, a Marijuana infused milk and/or burned marijuana as an incense which essentially hot boxed the sanctuary or temple. (This day and age we could substitute this method with the Herbalizer)

Ms. Dussault’s goal was to teach and share her experience with Cannabis and Yoga to others; as it not only enhanced her meditative and spiritual state of mind but also accelerated her practice.

So what happens at a Ganja Yoga class session?

Each class starts with a 15-minute smoke session, where everyone can partake- or not, in smoking, vaping, or consuming an edible, it truly is up to you.  After the 15-minutes are up, your class will begin, you begin to inhale and exhale, very slowly a little deeper each time, holding poses and flowing through your practice for the next 75-minutes. These movements and ways of breathing help clear your state of mind and push you to that enhanced meditative mindset.

I had the opportunity of speaking with Ms. Dussault and she has big hopes for Ganja Yoga. She is keeping her options open but would love the opportunity to one day open her own Ganja Yoga Studio or become the traveling Ganja Yoga Guru.

Do you live in San Francisco or traveling there soon and interested in checking out one of her classes?

She currently hosts a class on Wednesdays, Thursdays, plus one to two Saturdays per month in San Francisco. And for those in Southern California, she comes down seasonally.

Looking for something more intimate or other ganja yoga events?

Here is her current event lineup:

COMMUNION GANJA YOGA RETREAT ~ All-you-wish cannabis, +13hrs of all levels yoga and self-massage, meals for all dietary needs, beautiful scenery, amazing community. * Sept28-Oct1, 2017 Yosemite Foothills. (Camping, glamping, and cottages).

SEXY FLEX FOR WOMEN ~ A mindful approach to your sexual juiciness, in a comfortable, women-only, cannabis positive environment. Seasonal classes in SF.

PARTNER GANJA YOGA & MASSAGE ~ Easy partner hatha yoga and Thai massage in a cannabis-positive environment. Suitable for friends or partners. Seasonal classes in SF. [Next class TBA].

PARTNER TANTRA GANJA YOGA: Sexual-awakening partner yoga and sensual massage to awaken erotic energy and intimacy. Seasonal classes in SF. [Next class TBA].

To learn more about these events, click here.

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