“Wonder Women Of Weed” is a bi-monthly show and column featuring accomplished female leaders in the cannabis industry, brought from a collaborative effort that includes Benzinga, Industry Power Women and Direct Cannabis Network.

This week, we’re presenting activist and entrepreneur Jodie Emery. Emery is known for her cannabis and civil-rights related activism. She ran for office in Canada on more than one occasion. She also edited the magazine Cannabis Culture and has a web-based channel called Pot TV.

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More About Jodi Emery:

Jodie Emery is cannabis activist and advocate, with her work beginning in 2004 when she moved to Vancouver, B.C. from her hometown Kamloops, BC. Her immediate focus and favored environment was with Marc Emery’s activism organization headquarters, which included Cannabis Culture magazine, Pot TV network, Emery Direct Seeds, the B.C. Marijuana Party, and the landmark B.C.M.P. headshop.

She regularly attends and organizes rallies, protests, and marches; she also writes to and visits with elected representatives to advocate for policy change; she has occupied the offices of Members of Parliament; and is not afraid to speak the truth to power, even in places where there’s risk involved.

Cannabis advocacy began right away. Jodie wrote letters to newspapers, called radio shows, and attended rallies. Marc hired her to be the assistant editor of Cannabis Culture magazine in 2005, then promoted her to co-editor in 2007, where they devoted themselves to the international publication until the print edition ceased in early 2009.

Since then she carried on with editing the website content with the help of editor Jeremiah Vandermeer until she had to take over the rest of the businesses in 2010, after her husband Marc Emery’s extradition to and imprisonment in the United States. She even edited Marc’s prison blog for years and made regular weekly video updates for Pot TV and Cannabis Culture called “The Jodie Emery Show”.

She ran for provincial office with the B.C. Marijuana Party in 2005, and again in a by-election in 2008. That led to her recruitment into the B.C. Green Party in 2009, where she became the policing and crime critic and ran a high-profile candidate focusing on ending prohibition to end gang violence.

She ran again with the BC Green Party in 2013, earning even more votes and regular media interviews about marijuana reform. The volunteer team joined Jodie by campaigning regularly between trips to the United States to visit her husband in United States prison.

Jodie’s Canadian husband Marc Emery was then in U.S. prison, serving a five-year sentence for funding cannabis legalization activism worldwide with his Emery Direct Seeds business. He was arrested by U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents in Canada in July 2005, and faced life in U.S. prison, despite never going across the border.

After years of court battles and negotiating a plea deal for five years – and no prison time for his two co-accused Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams – he was extradited in May 2010 and imprisoned for his legalization leadership.

Jodie married in July 2006 and worked hard through those challenging years. Upon his imprisonment, she was left to run Cannabis Culture magazine online, Pot TV network, and the landmark headshop and vapor lounge. Jodie had to look after not just Marc and herself, but also a team of employees, advocates and grassroots campaigns, with a legacy stretching back to Marc’s arrival in Vancouver in 1994.

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