Coffee and Cannabis Episode 3 Part Three: Well-Branded Products

This month the host’s get to review the following products; Pura Vida Health, Whole Flower Water, Highland Pantry and Evoxe Laboratories.

About Pura Vida Health

Pura Vida Health is a medicinal cannabis company dedicated to offering the highest grade medication for healing mind, body, and soul.

he key to happiness and healing is what we put in our bodies. Not only is it important to know specifically what ingredients you are ingesting, but also the source in which they came from. Pura Vida promises the highest standard of food grade that our current market offers.

Conceived with all organic, vegan, and gluten-free non-GMO, and the third party tested ingredients- creating the ULTIMATE SUPERFOOD. Delicious too! We infuse award winning, delicious recipes of granolas, trail mixes and protein bars, specifically formulated to encourage the body’s natural state of healing.

About Whole Flower Water

Whole Flower Water is the first and only whole flower CBD infused water line on the market. Using a proprietary whole flower 100% natural extraction process, Whole Flower Water infuses CBD extracted from the high-quality strain of cannabis ACDC without harmful chemicals. This produces a fluid that is instantly water-compatible, creating greater bio-availability and eliminating the need for a secondary treatment.

About Highland Pantry 

Highland Pantry offers patients organic, gluten-free, low dose THC and CBD wellness edibles for the health conscious consumer. Compliant in sunny LA, Ca.

Our products are made to make you feel good, inside and out. Our foods are carefully crafted with the best ingredients to balance the mind and body. Highland Pantry edibles have been shown to alleviate muscle strain, calm the mind, and help you relax. Think of us as mammas little helper. Some moms drink wine, our moms eat almond butter. Our edibles can also provide a healthy hiking companion or a quick restorative afternoon snack.

We created Highland Pantry to benefit your health and well-being. Because we all know that eating well, exercise and sleep are the keys to a happy, healthy life. Let us help you maintain that healthy glow. Get that manageable mellow, and that good night’s sleep you’ve been missing.

All Highland Pantry edibles are Gluten-Free, Vegan, and NON-GMO.

About Evoxe Laboratories

Evoxe Laboratories provides patients the ability to experience their medicine in the most holistic, clean and effective way possible.

Our unique and therapeutic oil blends have been specifically formulated to enhance the innate properties of each ingredient, and are delivered in the most advanced self contained vaporizers available.

The result is a completely different and dynamic experience with every product. We include only the highest quality lab-tested extracts and organically grown essential oils in everything we produce.

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