The app Wegrow is changing the game for the cannabis enthusiast who’s always wanted to grow but didn’t have the know-how. The app aims to help anyone from beginner to professional grow good cannabis. CEO Mason Levy first got the idea when he was working on a (technology startup) based around elderly patients, and saw that cannabis use was dramatically decreasing the amount of other medications patients relied on. He wanted to know why more people weren’t growing cannabis.

“Anyone consuming for recreational purposes or medicinal purposes, the medical benefit is still going to be there,” Levy said.

That’s when he got to work developing Wegrow. Right now 14 of the 25 medical states in the United States allow patients to grow their own cannabis. This means a lot of new growers learning the techniques of the trade, and Levy wants to teach them how to grow a great crop.

The first testers of the app noted that their biggest barrier was being unsure of where and how to start growing. The app curates products and knowledge around how big you want to grow, and how much you’re willing to spend.

“Whether it be $200 just to get up and try it or $3500 to build an entire grow room in your basement, we’re going to recommend and curate these products for you,” Levy.

As you grow you can connect with other growers on the app. Wegrow aims to be sort of the Pinterest of cannabis growers. Users can post pictures and updates on their plants and can connect with one another in a social media setting.

‘You’re having interactions that are creating value and sharing knowledge between each other,” Levy said. He wants the app to be an educational platform not only between the user communities but through your own experiences tracking growth and nutrients too. Then his team is also there through the process to recommend products to growers as well.

For instance, if you’re about to harvest the app might recommend you buy trimming trays, proper shears, and gloves to trim properly. The app has teamed up with hardware and nutrient sellers to be able to offer suggestions for products to buy. A user can simply determine the things they need and buy through the app using Apple Pay. Wegrow is IOS exclusive at the moment and is growing fast. Levy hopes to continue expanding the app. “We want to empower a new generation of gardeners.” Visit for more information.

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