Los Angeles cannabis software startup, WebJoint closed their Series A round with a $1.5 million investment. RedTape Ventures led this round with a few other undisclosed investors.

In 2014 Webjoint, owned and operated by Pyrotree, Inc, was founded by Christopher Dell’Olio and Hilart Abrahamian. CEO and Co-Founder, Christopher Dell’Olio is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has over 7+ years of experience in a wide array of technologies and business development strategies. Hilart Abrahamian is the COO and Co-Founder and has a strong background in website design, branding and product management.

What is WebJoint?

WebJoint helps cannabis businesses manage the day to day tasks. The all-in-one software allows companies to launch their own .com website, offering various tools built specifically for this industry. This includes for medical states, the ability to let patients sign up and get verified instantly on a cannabis businesses website. Once the patient is verified, they can also place orders online using their bank account or cash on pickup. Webjoint also offers the ability to manage your inventory, sales, deliveries, employees, customers (patients) and much more.  

Within three years Webjoint has grown working with over 200 retail clients and is currently the only cannabis compliance software with an integrated website builder and eCommerce platform.

In Q1 of 2018, they are planning on launching their new cultivation software. This software has been in development for the last two years and is set to make a significant impact in the sector of cannabis cultivation tech. The software will provide mutual benefits for both the growers and retailers who use their platform.  

Humble Beginnings

Christopher and Hilart started their entrepreneurship journey at the beginning of 2014, at the early ages of 19 years old. Initially, they launched their business as a general web development and marketing firm, running the business from their bedrooms. They locked in one of the largest dispensaries in Southern California, building the dispensary website, very quickly they realized the cannabis industry had a huge void and believed they could help. They changed their focus to catering to cannabis businesses and began providing design services to dispensaries and delivery services in California and very quickly they saw the growth of their startup which started to open up many new opportunities and ideas on what they could offer the industry.

How will the funds be used?

The company will use this round of funding to expand their operations, expanding throughout California. They also will set forth their plans to expand to the rest of the U.S and Canadian market.

Who can work with Webjoint?

WebJoint offers their services to retailers, cultivators, distributors, and manufacturers that are interested learning more about their innovative cannabis software.

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