The growing popularity of vaping cannabis as a method of consumption has given rise to a competitive landscape for vaporizers on the market. There are two main types of vaporizers; ones designed to specifically burn dry herb, and others designed to vaporize a concentrated form of cannabis extract known as a dab. Dry herb vaporizers will operate at a temperature that boils the cannabis and dehydrates it, but will not burn the cannabis. The heating process will release the THC into a water vapor as opposed to smoke. Dab vaporizers are capable of various levels of heating in order consume THC concentrates which burn differently than herb. The VDAB 200 is for dab consumers, and markets on how the device safely stores, and dials out a full gram of solid concentrate for well over 200 hits on high heats, and even more on lower settings for consumers.

What makes the VDab 200 a show stopper? The user simply fills the chamber with a gram of either concrete, then twists the top which melts the dab. The technology behind the VDAB 200 causes the pen to precisely heat what is needed for a solid hit, thus conserving the rest of the cannabis, and the taste for the next hit. The problem solved by the VDAB 200 was the fact consumers were unhappy with current vaporizers on the market due to the fact consumers were required to refill the pen after only a few hits. VDAB 200 solves this issue, and conserves 10-15% per gram when used properly.

The VDAB 200 makes vaping solid extracts easier than before, more discreet, and travel friendly due to its’ convenient size. It is made out of medical grade stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. The VDAB 200 has gotten extremely positive reviews from multiple users around the world as well as singer Justin Townes Earle.

To learn more about VDAB 200, please check out their website.

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