Karson Humiston, a Denver-based 24-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Vangst Talent Network, the leading staffing agency for the cannabis industry wants to simplify the cannabis job searching process. Karson announced the launch of Vangsters, the largest digital platform where candidates can confidential search for positions in the cannabis industry.

More about Vangst:

In 2014, Karson Humiston started Vangst. With a mission to unite all cannabis companies including ancillary businesses with the talent, they were in search of.  Vangst catered to entry level positions to executive positions connecting over 300 companies with over 1,000 employees to date. Highlighting Vangst as one of the world’s largest talent agencies focusing specifically on the cannabis industry. Vangst currently has offices in Denver, Colorado and Los Angeles, California.

With over 250,000 jobs coming online with the next 5 years, according to Vangst, building a platform like Vangster’s may be able to help streamline the process for job seekers and to those hiring.

How it works:

Job seekers, would go to their website, create a profile, upload your resume and can start searching for positions available. For job seekers, this service is currently free.

For companies looking to hire, you currently have one option available. You can sign up for $69.99 with first 30 days free. Once you sign up, you can begin viewing, and message candidates who are interested in the industry and hire straight from the platform, or you can post as many jobs as you want. There is also a Vangster light subscription; however that one looks to be a membership that will be coming soon.

I decided to do some research on my own and found the following:

Other cannabis job boards: Lacking management and c-suite positions, little to no engagement.

Craigslist: Jobs galore…. to be a cannabis model, budtender in what many appeared to be an illegal dispensary or a job for an MLM company (not my thing) A better tool, a decent selection of employment available, but only offering 118 jobs

Now when looking at Vangsters, it looks like they may have found their sweet spot. With only 30 days of a soft launch, they have been able to bring in over 40+ reputable cannabis companies already being able to over 100+ positions that pay well, that fit those who are looking for jobs in cultivation, tech, dispensaries, software and more. You can find jobs starting at $15 an hour all the way up to the c-suite positions with a $130,000 salary.

Meet the CEO, Karen Humiston:

Karen, at the age of 22 sold her first company, OTA, a student run travel organization. While still in college, finishing her final semester of under grad at St. Lawrence University, she took a part time job working for a cannabis conference, when she noticed something was missing. Which led to her founding Vangst, which has been recognized as the cannabis industry’s leading recruiting resource.

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