As the legalization of cannabis spreads to more states, the competition between dispensaries is exponentially increasing. Dispensaries across the nation are adopting various techniques to increase customer retention. Besides battling for customer loyalty, dispensaries must find new and innovative ways to enhance the overall dispensary experience for a wide variety of clientele. These enhancement strategies can typically be found under one umbrella term: the customer experience.

The customer experience can refer to any touchpoint along the journey and encompasses a great deal of what traditional retail focuses on to see the best ROI. It includes everything from branding to the store’s layout to the ease of transactions. More importantly, it’s the deciding factor in which dispensaries are breaking away from the rest.

Access To Quality Education

It can feel like an impossible ask to get a straight-forward and trustworthy answer to your latest burning question about cannabis. While unlimited information may be accessible at our fingertips, navigating a burgeoning industry and overcoming the learning curve can be daunting to some, leaving most to visit their nearest dispensary for expert advice.

Currently, dispensary staff are burdened with providing excellent customer service and fulfilling orders, all while providing a comprehensive education on cannabis products in an effort to help identify what would be best to purchase. With customer experience predicted to be at the forefront of brand differentiation, dispensary owners are rightfully concerned over personnel resources, staff preferences or bias and how to guarantee uniform messaging.

Furthermore, not all customers will feel comfortable asking the necessary questions in order to find and purchase the right product. Sensitive issues or first-time nerves can make customers more prone to having an uneasy and anxious experience. Knowing that the experience shoppers have while in-store is as important with their experience in using their purchased products at home, it is fitting for owners to make this a top concern.  

Owners who create an atmosphere far from the old “pot-shop” feel, successfully make first-time customers more comfortable from the minute they walk through the door.  Well displayed product educational information, empowers customers to narrow down and identify the right product to purchase.

Studies find that up to 88% of shoppers prefer to research products before purchasing online or in-store. In the world of cannabis, this can be a daunting task. Research shows that 69% of customers would be more likely to make in-store purchases if they had access to interactive displays that contain useful information. In another poll, 75% of customers said they would make a purchase if they had access to a self-service solution to compare prices. Giving customers access to accurate and reliable information can allow them to do the necessary research to feel confident and pleased with their experience.

The Personalized Experience

In the age of information, there’s nothing more important than the personalized experience. Clients are no longer impressed by generalized information that doesn’t pertain specifically to their needs. Consumers are looking for an efficient and frictionless shopping experience that is intuitive and fast. Corporations throughout the world have realized the consequences of not adhering to this modern idea.

In the realm of cannabis dispensaries, many clients are seeking specific effects from marijuana products. Sifting through unrelated information, especially if it’s over their head, is not only inefficient but frustrating. Truly personalized experiences, allow customers to access a large amount of information and quickly find what is important to them and can adapt to their level of experience.

With an interactive solution, much like a website, customers are able to access the pages or information that matters to them. If questions arise when reviewing the material, digging in deeper is typically a touch away.

Technology Upgrade

When dealing with a customer base that prefers to gain information on their own, your best method for upgrading the customer experience is with a self-service kiosk. These electronic devices act as digital employees that allow customers to view information at their own pace and comfort level. Each experience is customer-focused, which makes the client feel empowered.

Kellogg School of Management found that self-service solutions create a 25% average increase in order size. Partly due to the fact that today’s consumers are willing to pay a price premium of up to 16% for a good experience.

Since you now know that customers are far more likely to make a purchase in-store if they have access to self-service information kiosks, it only makes sense that this is the technology upgrade for future-proofing your dispensary. Aside from upgrading the customer’s perspective of your dispensary, you’ll effectively reduce the pressure on your employees so they can focus on processing orders at the register.

Customer Experience

By upgrading the dispensary experience with self-service kiosks, customers are likely to purchase products and return for additional business. By utilizing self-service kiosks to engage users with educational information or entertainment; they are more likely to be satisfied because they feel empowered to make their own decision. By adopting this groundbreaking technology, dispensary owners are expected to increase revenue, customer retention, and efficiency

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