Unplugged is an exclusive and unique dinner series for CEO’s, Founders and Co-Founders. The event gives a wide range of possibilities for a regular and thriving exchange of plans and ideas.

The guest list is always hand-picked: Each time, 30-50 top level entrepreneurs and leading minds of the cannabis industry get to meet to strengthen the exchange of leading ideas.

Unplugged dinners are invitation-only events. They gather a selected round of start-up CEOs, founders, as well as key managing partners of local Venture Capital firms to interact in an informal way. The key selection criteria are the relevance and the performance of the invited participants and their companies. Invitations are exclusive and non-transferable.

Qualifications to attend:

Must be a Founder, Co-Founder, CEO of a cannabis business or managing partner of a local venture capital firm.
A restricted number of participants for each event
Invitations are based on the participants’ relevance and influence within the community.
Guests have a strong focus to disrupt and create new ideas, focus on the exchange of plans, ideas and trends within the participants’ specific area of expertise.


Be a partner of Unplugged Dinner and support the community of inspirational entrepreneurs!

If you want to present your organization to an exclusive circle of entrepreneurs please email contact@directcannabisnetwork.com for sponsorship opportunities. Please note that we offer limited sponsorship opportunities for each Unplugged Dinner in order to deliver a unique experience for all our clients.

Don’t miss out, contact us today and get your brand in front of 30-50 CEO’s & Founders of leading cannabis startups and businesses.