Hotbox Reviews Unboxed: Ardent Lift

Ardent is a Boston-based biotech and medical cannabis device company with pioneering technologies that drastically improve administration and effectiveness. With a team of partners skilled in all aspects of manufacturing from advanced thermal engineering to elite electronics, we produce the NOVA™, a laboratory-grade precision decarboxylator for medical cannabis patients.

Price: $210

A laboratory grade de-carb for patients and caregivers who need accurate dosing.

The NOVA™ maximises cannabinoid availability for those preferring to smoke or vaporize and activates available cannabinoids for edibles, extracts or tinctures. The NOVA™ also allows any patient to prepare fully activate decarboxylated sublingual cannabis in precise dosages, providing full spectrum uptake in minutes and avoiding any irritation to the lungs or GI tract.


  • Lift Decarboxylator
  • Inner Silver container with cap
  • Instructions
  • Stickers

Unique Facts and features:

  1. Full activation
  2. Easy and simple to use
  3. Holds up to 14g to an ounce of flower (depending on the density) or 5 ounces of kief
  4. Get more out of every bud
  5. Preserve the maximum amount of terps
  6. Perfect edibles, anytime
  7. This unit is 110v and 90watts. Use on European 220v requires the use of a step-down converter.

Question: What is decarboxylation?

Did you know that raw cannabis is non-psychoactive? The herb only becomes psychoactive when two things happen. First, when the bud dries and ages. Second, when the cannabis is heated. More psychoactive compounds are created by heating the plant than via ageing. In order to release the full potential of marijuana’s psychoactive effects, you must first go through a process called decarboxylation. “Decarboxylation” is a long word for a simple process. To decarboxylate your herb, you just need to heat it. Applying a little heat to dried bud inspires some fascinating chemical reactions in the plant. Namely, you transform compounds called cannabinoid acids into a form that is readily usable by the body.

How to use it?

  1. Remove the lift from the box (place on countertop and plug in)
  2. Twist the black cover of the lift and remove inner silver container (Put 7-14 grams)
  3. Place the cap on the inner container and slide container into the lift.
  4. Push the button with the Ardent “a” (light should turn from green to red)
  5. Relax and Wait (1 hour and 15 minutes)
  6. Light turns green, indicating that the material is fully decarboxylated
  7. The material is now fully potentiated and ready to use.

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