Seattle has long been known as a mecca for coffee culture, and now that recreational marijuana use is legal in the state, Trichome Seattle has blended the two expertly into their regularly held Elevated Coffee events. To celebrate the recent legalization of recreational use in Oregon, Trichome brought the show to Portland for a day. I stopped in to Maak Lab on Sunday to see what this event was all about, and try the cannabis infused coffee.

Trichome is a Seattle lifestyle store that “reflects a modern perspective on cannabis use and culture.” They carry everything from clothing to candles and smoking accessories, and all of their products stand out for their practical, and aesthetically pleasing design. Trichome teamed up with Looking Glass Extracts and The Tulip House coffee team this weekend to offer up the classiest hippie speedballs I’ve ever seen.

Looking Glass is an Oregon marijuana extraction company that is “dedicated to producing high potency and great tasting BHO’s” and they were there with a lot of information, free joints, and sample dabs of Cinex, Blue Dragon and Agent Orange. Their concentrates were used to infuse the butter which was added to the coffee provided by The Tulip House, a small, California based company that roasts and brews top quality, fourth wave coffee. The beans are roasted out of their garage in Loma Linda and they ship the final product to buyers. If you’re a coffee connoisseur you may know what is meant by “fourth wave” coffee, but I had to have it explained to me. Basically, coffee aficionados have divided the progression from drinking instant coffee in the mid 1900s, to the nuanced and elaborate coffee culture of today into four stages, which are called waves.

There were baristas making the coffee right in front of us, and each cup was crafted with love and care. Using the pour over method, my barista Gwen carefully ran the hot water over the grounds, explaining each step to us as she went. After all the water dripped through the filter, she added a dollop of a cannabis infused butter and coconut oil mix. Gwen explained to me that mixing butter with coconut oil this way allows your body to fully absorb and harness the effects of the cannabis infusion. This butter mixture was hand blended into the coffee, giving it a rich, full bodied flavor in the end. The result was pure bliss.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a little cannabis with your cup of joe, you know how pleasant the combination of a little caffeine and THC can be. The coffee gives you a little extra bounce in your step, while the cannabis leaves you with a calm and relaxed energy. There wasn’t much of a marijuana flavor to the coffee when it was done, but I could feel the mellowing effects shortly after drinking it. As I sipped on my coffee, I browsed the custom wooden joint cases, and other accessories there for purchase. Trichome was launching some unique new wooden pipes and cases, and it was difficult not to buy them all. However, I did buy an adorable little silicone container for the free sample of Blue Dragon that I got from the Looking Glass guys.

Trichome’s regular Elevated Coffee events have been gaining popularity in Seattle, and I can see why. Next time I’m in Seattle I definitely plan on going to check out the Trichome store, and if you’re in the area you can sign up for updates on the website to find out when the next Elevated Coffee event will be. I also received a free “dime bag” of Tulip House’s Sweet Lime coffee for purchasing my ticket online, and now that I’ve seen the correct way to brew it, I’m excited to give it a try myself.

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