Canadian Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Tech Startup Trellis closed their seed round with a $2 million investment. Casa Verde Capital led this round which included follow-on funding from Gateway and additional funding from Argonautic Ventures and One Gun.

In 2014, Trellis launched in Toronto, Canada by sole founder, Pranav Sood. Pranav is a Richard Ivey School of Business graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in management and organizational studies at the University of Western.  As a known serial entrepreneur, his extensive experience pushed his focus around startups and growing B2B companies, he previously focused on management consulting and retail IT for one of the largest global retailers.

What is Trellis?

Trellis is a seed-to-sale cannabis management software that supports cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Trellis provides an easy to use dashboard that showcases real-time cultivation, manufacturing, and inventory updates. You can manage inventory from cultivation to extraction along with consolidating your purchases and generating customizable purchase orders to input your production costs.

Trellis also provides tracking for all your cannabis waste, and when it comes to extraction, they offer a cost per gram functionality, that allows you to optimize your manufacturing business. Also, just announced a new customer and order management service would be available this as early as this upcoming Monday for users and distributors. 

The Why….

In April 2014, the Medical Marijuana Access Program was replaced by the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (or MMPR) by Health Canada. The MMPR meant that legal medical cannabis production was only authorized to licensed producers through Health Canada.   

Patients wishing to fulfill a medical cannabis prescription would register with an order from a licensed producer of their choice. During this changing process, Pranav studied the regulations and saw that the government created a unique vertically integrated market that combined agriculture and health care. Through reaching out to his network of operators in Canada and doing more research, he knew that “off the shelf” tech would not work and automatically knew he could help. After working directly with his network of operators he began to design a ground-up solution to manage inventory from production to sale which becomes Trellis.

How will the funds be used?

Trellis currently supports cannabis businesses in California and Canada and will utilize this money to help with expansion plans into additional US market segments with the possibility of adding Colorado and Oregon to that list.  These funds will also assist in the ability to accommodate the increased demand for its software as they scale.

Leading customer service while reducing their carbon footprint

Beyond the services that Trellis provides, they wanted to make sure that customer service and environmental impact was high-priority in their core values. So when it came down to customer service, they included on-site training and visits. With these on-site training and visits, came the idea of Trellis Fleet. 

To decrease their carbon footprint while also maintaining a dedication to quickly and efficiencies for their customers, they picked Tesla for their fleet due to Tesla’s commitment to environmental sustainability & efficiency.The Trellis Fleet is currently active in California and will be expanding to new regions soon including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, & Canada.

Want to learn more about Trellis, you can go to

Want to connect with them in person, you can find them at the New West Summit in October or the MJBIZCON in November.

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