Drone delivery is not so much of a pipe dream anymore. Major companies like Amazon have looked into drone delivery and regulations are in the works. Trees is a medical cannabis delivery app that’s unique in many ways. The app is incorporating tech savvy innovations. After enabling medical cannabis purchases online with bitcoin, Trees has announced their plans to deliver cannabis using a fleet of drones.

Mashable recently reported that Amazon Prime Air was the first major company to look into drone delivery. The FAA allows Amazon’s drones to fly no higher than 400 feet and to operate at no faster than 100mph. Amazon is currently trying to secure the area of airspace between 200 and 500 feet. Presumably Trees is after similar regulations.

Marshal Hayner is CEO of Trees. “We have a fleet of three drones that have mechanical arms,” Hayner told Mashable. “We tested them, we’re ready, the only thing that holds us back is the FAA… We may see a vending machine attached to a self-driving car before we see a drone.” Given that most people purchase an ounce or less in a transaction, cannabis is the idea candidate for drone delivery. Hayner adds “We see drones as an amazing tool for delivery. A drone will never be late.” Delivery by drone is considerably less expensive than Ubering over medical cannabis deliveries.

Trees currently offers three set products: the Bud Box(Three eigths plus accesories) and the Extract box(Two grams shatter plus accessories) and the Beginner Box(A mix of buds and extracts). All are $149.

Cannabis startups are always coming up with new and inventive ways to cut cost. Trees will surely captivate the cannabis industry with the new plans for drone delivery.

Order Bud Box online or Text TREES to (415) 319 6482

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