Tradiv is a wholesale marketplace for the cannabis industry, working with licensed cultivators, and edible and concentrate manufacturers to be able to sell to dispensaries. Right now they work out of Colorado and are branching out into the California markets.

Founder Aeron Sullivan describes the company as being the Amazon of the cannabis industry. As a retailer, you just log on and can choose from hundreds of options for things you want to sell in your store.

Tradiv also delivers the products to your dispensary. According to their website they average a 24-hour delivery for metro areas, making sure that the products ordered are in your shop as soon as possible to help you make the most money.

Co-founder and Vice President of business development Geoff Doran worked with Sullivan from the beginning of the company when they met in college in Southern California. It was there that their dream to build Tradiv became a reality when they were accepted to Canopy Boulder and moved to Colorado to accelerate their company.

“Being first-time entrepreneurs we knew we needed that boot camp to jumpstart our business,” Doran said. The grueling three-month process helped Tradiv move forward from a start-up, into a full-fledged company. Doran believes the networking process of Canopy Boulder to be a huge blessing to the company.

“Month two really pushes you out in the field. I feel like I hit up every dispensary and grower in the Colorado area,” Doran said. He worked hard with his team during the process to reach out to as many potential clients as possible. This paid off as now the company is fully operating in Colorado and branching into California. Doran wants to push the company into the places that it will do best, and he believes his home state has the market Tradiv needs to expand to it’s potential.

“We are very hyper focused on California, it’s our own backyard,” Doran said. “We feel that it’s going to be the world’s largest cannabis market.” From there he hopes that the team can eventually move into places where the cannabis industry is thriving like Oregon, Washington, and Nevada.

Going through Canopy Boulder gave Doran and Tradiv not only the push and knowledge to grow their company, but also a group to stay connected with. Doran says having nine other start-ups working to network and build together really strengthened the core of Tradiv. Although still a very new company, Doran isn’t worried about the future of the company.

“We have a lot of hard work ahead of us but we know what we’re doing now.” To learn more visit

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