Tokyo Smoke, the cannabis lifestyle brand in Canada that closed a $3 million Series A financing round last month, announced that it had acquired luxury lifestyle cannabis brand, Van Der Pop.

April Pride, a Seattle-Based designer, and entrepreneur saw the lack of sophisticated products for female cannabis enthusiasts which lead to the creation of Van Der Pop. Pride launched a collection of luxury accessories like a stainless steel waterproof stash to an Italian leather stash bag, targeting women ages 30–50.

Pride wanted to help shape the messaging around responsible cannabis use accessories, so she launched SESSION, a Tupperware-like party for females to discreetly shop premium goods to store, smoke and share cannabis while also asking questions about accessories, variants of marijuana and more.

The acquisition will open up, even more, opportunities for both companies. Van Der Pop products are set to be sold at all Tokyo Smoke Retail locations. We will begin to see a collaboration with both brands on a limited line of new products.

We will also see the companies providing a better, more thoughtful cannabis experience to a larger community while also developing a variety of new opportunities for the approach of cannabis to consumers. And Pride will assume the role of Chief Creative Officer for both companies.

“Van der Pop is an incredibly important and rare contribution to the consumer landscape, a brand that is, at its core, authentic and speaks to people,” says Alan Gertner (co-founder and CEO, Tokyo Smoke).

Van der Pop products have been highlighted by Forbes and are now available at Tokyo Smoke retail locations and online at

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