TokeWith is a free live streaming social platform for the cannabis industry. The app has a modern, sleek feel that connects users from tech and culture cannabis to new users to the industry. They aim to go against the negative stereotypes about cannabis and promote knowledge.

TokeWith was created with the purpose of sharing weed knowledge and information using live interactive video. TokeWith has a forum that is not only educational but also entertaining and it enhances the experience of consuming cannabis as well as being in the community as a whole. Members of the community can also find answers to hot topics such as health, legality, cultivation, or whatever else they are interested in.

TokeWith has a clean and simple user interface so anyone from a tech savvy background or not as experienced can use it. It is also not complex so anyone from the new millennial to anyone from the Cheech and Chong generation can use it.

TokeWith is different from other social media sharing platforms because mediums such as Instagram or Twitter gets shut down when cannabis content is shared. In TokeWith, you are able to find, share, and enjoy whatever cannabis topic of your choosing without the fear of being censored, getting shut down, or the bad stigma.

When talking about the cannabis aspect, they consider MassRoots to be their direct competitors. They are like an Instagram for cannabis and are also moving the industry in a positive direction. When talking about the live video streaming, their direct competitors are Twitch and Periscope. Twitch does not allow smoke on camera and Periscope users are part of a wider community that does not all have a positive mind sight about cannabis.

They are different from other cannabis social sharing platforms because they allow you to go live. When you are live, people can leave “toke clouds” or “toke hearts” if they like your session. Users are also able to remain private and control their geo locations if they wish. When a user goes live, they are able to tag what strain they are using for curious watchers.

TokeWith is also a popular app for dispensaries and other businesses in the cannabis industry to connect with their existing and potential customers.

They currently have 5,000 beta users that actively help them improve their platform.

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