With adult use (21+) of cannabis legal in four states, and the District of Columbia, tourism catering to the increasingly large community of people looking to enjoy cannabis while on vacation in these areas is a blossoming industry. Founded in 1012, The Travel Joint is connecting people all over to lodging, entertainment and the top spots to purchase cannabis in states with legal recreational use. The Travel Joint is much more than just a booking site, it is a travel and lifestyle guide to all things cannabis related, and otherwise, covering Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Unlike the large tour bus and guided group events that some cannabis tourism companies are offering, The Travel Joint caters to travelers who are looking for a more private, and independent approach. While not all of the accommodations listed on the site are totally “420 friendly”, there is a list of places to stay that are. There are travel guides, strain reviews, tips on cooking with cannabis, and news on current cannabis-related developments in the medical field. Along with attempting to normalize cannabis by providing safe and enjoyable opportunities for people to visit states with legal recreational use, the creators are also working to increase access to medicinal cannabis for those in need.

The Travel Joint is working to aid families in prohibition states that are struggling with medical issues relieved by cannabis to relocate to states where they can legally use cannabis. They have created the Cannabis Refugee Program, which aims to support each family for a 3 month period during their move. The Cannabis Refugee Program’s goal is to help individuals find jobs in their new location that will provide the same standard of living that they are accustomed to.

The Travel Joint will work with outside businesses and communities to connect families with growers and medical professionals, help find new employment, help with community relocation information, and help to connect them with other families in their new locations. “Uprooting a family and moving to a new state is never an easy task, which is why we want to help Cannabis Refugees as much as we can,” said The Travel Joint CEO Brannon Zimbelman on their GoFundMe page. “Families should never have to choose between the health of their children and a job in a state where access to medical cannabis is prohibited.

We look forward to the day that programs like ours are no longer needed because cannabis will be legalized on a nationwide scale.” If you would like to support the Cannabis Refugee Program, or you are a family in need of support, you can email contact@thetraveljoint.com.

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