packaging. They are a little wider but shorter than a pack of cigarettes. The packs allow
for comfortable and safe transportation whether they’re in a back pocket or a purse. The
inside divider separates and protects each joint from being crushed. Overall, it was a fresh look that had style, convenience, and durability.

Imagine that feeling when you put your new pair of Jordan’s or purchasing that purse you have been eyeing for months? That is exactly how I felt when I opened a pack of Jay’s pre-rolls. At that moment, I knew that this is going to be something that rides along with my phone in my pocket. Another thing I noticed is the quality of the joints. I’ve encountered my share of cheap and flimsy joints, and like most of you, I do my homework to try my best to avoid them. Jay’s Pre-Rolls are in a league of their own. They’ve genuinely earned the title, Premium.

Each joint is rolled with organic hemp paper.  The crutch tip allows for maximum
airflow, which filters fragments of the flower from entering your mouth. Every pack also
includes 10 strands of organic hemp wick covered in organic beeswax.  And when it
comes to size, they are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a session with just you and
your thoughts or a session with your crew.

After our weekly company meeting, three of us went to test out one of these pre-rolls. It’s
slow burning. And when it came down to aroma and taste, it was spot on. Three of us
enjoyed a pow-wow for about 15 minutes while chitchatting about the product. Although
it is shorter than some joints, it was quite impressive for its size, and I can report to you
firsthand that it got the job done.

When it comes to breaking down the flower, they are gentle and meticulous. They take
the time to de-stem each bud by hand. They take great care in removing the stems and seeds which not only affects the flavor but it also causes an uneven burn.

Within the Indica, Sativa and Hybrid selections, Jay’s Pre-Rolls focus on offering a
variety of top strains ranging from new and trending strains to many of the timeless
classic strains.

Have you ever wondered what is really in your pre-rolled joint? Jay’s Pre-Rolls test for THC, CBD and CBN potency which are displayed on their packaging with a detailed description of the aromas and flavors you can expect. They also test the terpene profiles and moisture content. When it comes to quality, innovation, and presentation, Jay’s Pre-Rolls takes the lead.

So next time instead of wasting time and energy trying to roll a joint, kickback, relax, and
enjoy one of Jay’s pre-rolls.


  1. Picked these up the other day and damn, these guys are onto something. Bringing true quality and style to the game. Impressive and damn good product

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