If you haven’t seen season one of the reality series The Marijuana Show, you should. Called a Shark Tank for ganjapreneurs, the show highlights innovative products in the cannabis industry and awards ingenuity with financial investment.  Producers Karen Paul and Wendy Robbins have now launched season 2 on iTunes and Amazon and are traveling the country auditioning contestants for season 3.

If you are an entrepreneur and interested in competing, you’ll be happy to hear that the show is now awarding 20 million in investment. To enter, you’ll need a pitch video, your business plan financials, and a great concept.

While season one exhibited earlier stage investors, producers Karen and Wendy are now targeting businesses farther along in development.  “We have a vetting process with a series of challenges,” shares Wendy, “viable businesses will need to be scalable, licenses and patents should be in registered status, entrepreneurs should be ready to pitch and to address any obstacles that will need to be overcome.”

It’s worth noting that Karen and Wendy have a conscious objective for the show, shedding a light on the injustices of the prison system, environmental concerns, and on how cannabis is affecting families for better or for worse.  They intend to support the strong female presence in Green Rush as well with the private equity fund that they’ve started – the only female-run fund in the business.


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