Married wives Karen Paull and Wendy Robbins are filming Season 2 of The Marijuana Show, a game show where 11 cannabis startups compete for a $10 million investment. The Denver, Colorado show is scheduled to air online in early 2016.

‘If you want to get into a business more lucrative than any other right now, it’s cannabis,’ Robbins told The Advocate. 11 contestants will compete in Season 2.

Paull and Robbins married in 2007 in Hollywood, California. The couple has partnered with four major investors to double the winnings in Season 2 to $10 million. Season 1 of the Marijuana Show attracted over 200 applicants. Paull and Robbins prefer to vape and eat cannabis-infused chocolates.

Robbins is aware of what Colorado’s cannabis tax revenue does for the state. “The schools have all the money they need,” Robbins said. “[Marijuana taxes] are paying for new roads and infrastructure. They’re even talking about giving taxpayers back money.”

Although cannabis is legal in Colorado, Paull and Robbins would like to see it legalized on a federal level. “We believe that cannabis and hemp should be legal internationally,” Robbins said. “No one should go to prison for a plant! Anything made of plastic could be made from hemp, which is sustainable, grows fast and is stronger then steel! In the US, cannabis is schedule 1 meaning there is no medical benefit and that makes no sense – it’s a lie. Half of the country now has legalized medical cannabis.”

Paull takes a more sensible stance. “I do not believe that all drugs should be legalized but I would like to see cannabis go from a schedule 1 to another class of drug since there is a medical benefit and currently thousands of doctors are prescribing it. Schedule 1 states that there is no medical benefit, and it’s in the same class of drug as heroin, but we know there are medical benefits, and this is well documented, particularly in relation to cancer and pain management,” Paull explained.

The Marijuana Show, with its incredible amount of funding, is bound to be a hit.

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