Although the iHit is designed to protect the iPhone 5 or 5s, it can also protect your smoking material. The iHit was invented by James Edward and has been creating a buzz throughout the cannabis community since 2011.We’ve seen products with a stealthy compartment before, but iHit is all about quality. Every iHit case is fashioned from polycarbonate and sprayed with silicone for a solid grip. Polycarbonate is lightweight yet durable. Each iHit case comes with two airtight compartments, which keep unwanted odors inside. When the upper compartment is opened, a spring-loaded mechanism propels your cigarette or joint above the surface, similar to a Pez container. That way, you can pick up your cigarette or spliff with your lips. Because the spring-loaded mechanism is so unique, iHit has patented the technology.

The iHit comes in four-color theme options. The compartment on the side looks like a battery booster. iHit has decided to throw in a ceramic cigarette style one-hitter, which is included with every iHit case.

Let’s not forget that the iPhone itself was created by a smoker. For us dedicated smokers, this case allows convenience and protection by including a hidden compartment next to your iPhone. So next time you find that crushed joint in your pocket or leave your blunt behind, think about the iHit.  Better yet, gift this to your favorite smoker. The iHit makes a wonderful and functional gift; especially when you need to sneak a toke.

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