Direct Cannabis Network has been receiving a lot of questions about the cultivation side of the industry and have found a reliable, informative company who will begin contributing articles on the cultivation side of the cannabis industry. 

Last week you learned about the Grower’s Network, which is building a community exclusively for commercial cannabis professionals; allowing members to connect, trade knowledge and transform the industry. Going forward each week, the Grower’s Network will be releasing one new article discussing cultivation. 

This week you will be learning about the Grow-Off.


The Grow-Off is a new cannabis growing competition whose goal is to eliminate the subjectivity present in many cannabis competitions. All competitors receive the same unknown strain of cannabis and can compete in three categories: Potency, Flavor, and Yield.

From the Founders of The Grow-Off

The point of The Grow-Off is to identify winners based on measurable results and determine why they’re doing better than the rest. We hope to help the competitors grow the best cannabis possible and we hope they don’t mind opening up about some of their techniques.

Every competing grower is given a clone of the same unknown strain of cannabis. They are allowed to raise the clone via whatever methods they believe are best. The cannabis will then be collected and submitted for laboratory testing in the categories of Potency (THC/CBD Content), Flavor (Concentration and Variety of Terpenes) and Yield (Dry Mass of Flower).

Large vs. Small

We have cultivation facilities of all sizes competing and we’re excited to see how David stacks up against Goliath. On one hand, smaller operators are more flexible to focus on the competition plant, but the bigger guys have a larger staff and potentially more advanced systems. We’ll find out what worked best at the end of the competition!


There’s a huge push towards testing in the industry. States want to make sure cannabis is safe and accurately labeled. Growers want to improve how they cultivate. Consumers want to know how potent every strain is. We expect testing to become the rule rather than the exception.

Our lab partners at TEQ Analytical Labs test for overall cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles. We’re interested to see the differences and who can bring out unique traits.

Expanding the Competition

We are looking to expand into other states with recreational marijuana, but we need to identify states that have a large number of licensed cultivators, rules in place for clone distribution, and registered labs. We’re also hoping to launch a medical competition in Colorado and will be announcing that in the next few months.

What Competitors are Saying

We asked competitors the following questions:

  1. Why did you enter The Grow-Off?
  2. What category(s) are you trying to win: Potency, Flavor, and/or Yield?
  3. What is your competitive advantage?
  4. What strain do you think you are growing?

The Farm

We entered the Grow Off because it is the first competition that is utilizing actual lab results for the competition. We are a large cultivation facility trying to win all 3 categories. Our highly-skilled grow team always strives for the best, and our multiple entries under different lighting and conditions will hopefully give us an edge.

We think the strain is some type of OG, based upon the structure of the plant.

Good Meds

We decided to enter the grow off to showcase our growing staff’s abilities. We believe we have some of the best gardening talent in Colorado. Good Meds is a large cultivation facility aiming to win all three categories. We have over a decade of hands-on experience with the Cannabis plant and hydroponic equipment.

The growth traits and leaf structure of this plant leads us to believe the strain is some sort of “OG” or “Sour” variety.

Sweet Grass Kitchen

As an edible manufacturer, we saw the Grow-Off as an opportunity to demonstrate our skills at growing. This competition has also allowed us to playfully compete against our customer dispensaries. We are a boutique growing company competing for flavor and potency. We are a one-man growing show with a small, carefully controlled room.

We think the strain is either Dosidos, Triangle Kush, or Platinum Cookie.

The Clinic

We’re a medium sized operation looking to win all three categories. With the right growing techniques, you should be able to get great results for all three. We joined The Grow-Off to compete against other growers in the state.

We’re leaning towards an OG on what we think the strain is. It has hints of lemon (limonene) and pine (pinene).

Natural Alternatives for Health

We joined The Grow-Off because competition keeps work fun. We’re a small operation, and flavor is our most sought-after award. Our competitive advantage is that we grow organically for a smooth flavorful smoke, just as nature intended!

We think the strain is some kind of OG hybrid.

Want to find out the results?

Collection and testing of the specimens begins in February, 2017. To find out the results of The Grow-Off, you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

This article has been paraphrased with permission from Growers Network.

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