New changes are in store for patients in California. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the new regulations for cannabis-related businesses in California are in. The bills will create a standard that dispensaries, cultivators, and vendors must adhere to in order to operate.

Three bills that essentially regulate the way cannabis-related businesses operate were approved by California lawmakers and are waiting approval from Governor Jerry Brown. A new Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation has been established and will fall into the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Among the new details, for instance you won’t have to pay in “donations.” The state of California is ready to accept that dispensaries are business entities. The new requirements will force businesses to accurately label THC content. The bills includes the following NEW regulations:

  • Mandatory testing of medical cannabis products for potency, molds, and pesticides.
  • Limitations on water usage which will be enforced by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.
  • Dispensaries must acquire both state and local licenses(Meaning cities can continue to ban dispensaries.)
  • Marijuana Businesses can operate as for-profit entities instead of nonprofits

Businesses will have a fair amount of time to catch up to the new regulations. The new rules aren’t expected to take effect until 2018. Tim Schick is executive director of one of the oldest dispensaries in California.  “The establishment of this comprehensive regulatory framework will benefit the patients, the environment, the economy, and all Californians for years to come. We are committed to advocating for the interests of our members as we continue to be actively engaged in the rulemaking process.” Schick said. Read the documents in detail here: AB 243AB 266AB 643. Read on, because these regulations affect anyone who is a medical marijuana patient in California.

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