How does one measure the concentration of herbal compounds in home remedy recipes? This one question is how the idea of tCheck evolved. Bryan Cowger brought this issue up to his step-daughter, Meghan Babb MD, Bryan recently found out a friend was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and was struggling to find a solution to help with the symptoms of her condition.

This discussion propelled them to do more research, as they began to see a need to this problem, and with little knowledge of the medical herb, left the conversation wondering if there was anything they could do. However, Meghan couldn’t let this question go and stayed up all evening searching for a solution. Hours later, the answer was obvious, tCheck, is the world’s first home infusion potency tester, that indicates the CBV number in infused oil in less than 45 seconds, guaranteeing the edible you will consume has the desired amount of potency.

The next few weeks went from research to idea, to the first prototype. After the first prototype, they turned their efforts towards trial and error, testing and building a viable prototype. Then started the business plan and development of the founding team.

Once cannabis became legal for recreational use in Colorado, edibles grew in popularity and accounted for about 45% of the legal cannabis marketplace. Consumers including their friend now can benefit from this device when creating edibles at home. One of the biggest issues is getting the exact potency of the oil you are using can be tricky, so tCheck makes this process fast and ensures a clearer conscience when consuming.

What is a CBV Number?

A CBV number, or botanical Compound By Volume, is a collection of compounds in an infused solution. The CBV reading is then used to calculate the amount of un-infused and infused oil you need for the desired recipe. tCheck has an easier way of explaining this; the tCheck process is similar to the way one would check their cholesterol at home. The purpose is to give you an understanding of your cholesterol levels without the need for an in-depth breakdown that might take days.

How does the tCheck work?

tCheck operates by shining a particular wavelength of light that darkens the oil depending on how much botanical compounds are in it. tCheck measures and then decodes the dimness of light into the botanical CBV number.

Meet the team behind tCheck

Bryan Cowger and his stepdaughter, Megan Babb, MD are the creators of the tCheck. While Babb had theories about how they could measure the concentration of botanical compounds in a sample, Cowger knew how to translate that into a product. Mark Falcone and Peichen Chang then joined the team and created the company Engineered Medical Technologies and developed the tCheck.

Public Partnerships?

tCheck has partnered with LEVO Oil to bring you a package deal for $399.99. LEVO Oil is a device that automates a traditional method of an oil infusion.

Where can I get tCheck?

The tCheck Home Infusion Potency Tester (Model TC1S) is available online for $299.99. The following items included; a reusable sample tray, quick start guide, and the user’s manual. At this time, the tCheck is currently sold out. However, you can reserve one through their website. 

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