Have you heard of a solar dome hit? It’s a new method that harnesses the power of a magnifying lens and sunlight to light up cannabis for consumption. The best comparison is to think of a magnifying glass under the sun, and concentrating the light on a small pile of flammable materials. The magnifying glass will make the sun’s heat much stronger and will light the materials on fire allowing for consumption. Now in order to produce a solar dome hit, you’ll need a Sun Token.

So what exactly is a Sun Token?

The Sun Token may state it is a hand pipe, but in reality, it is so much more. Let’s start with the body; the body is made of cherry hardwood. That is sanded all the way down, so it has a smooth finishing touch, that is protected with an organic 100% flaxseed oil finish.

The magnetic dome that is placed on top of the body and the actual pipe is made out of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass has excellent thermal qualities, and with its low coefficient of expansion, has superior thermal shock resistance. In other words, it can handle sudden temperature changes. For example, let’s say you can go from freezer to oven and back while still staying shatter-proof. It can also withstand accidents that would break almost any other type of glassware.

When looking at this handmade pipe, you can honestly see the passion and hard work that goes into making each device which peaked my interest into learning more about the vision behind the brand.

Meet Hector Campos, Creator of the Sun Token

In 2015, Hector Campos had an idea; he began sketching out what turned into the beginning design of the Sun Token. After a lot more research, creating various prototypes and through self-instruction, Hector started to building the initial Sun Token models.

DCN: Why the Sun Token?

Hector Campos: In the beginning, the Sun Token started out as an experimental toy made in my garage. I’ve been making my own smoking contraptions since high school. I knew solar bowls were really fun to do and tasted great. I wanted to evolve the experience by making a small, handheld apparatus that explored the possibilities of solar smoking and put it on display. After playing around with my prototypes, I knew I was on to something fun.

With a solar dome, you do not have to hold your bowl at an odd angle while trying to pull from the bowl while burning it with the lens. The dome allows you to choose exactly where in the bowl you want to burn, and how much you want to burn it. It will enable you to find small patches of sunlight and leisurely watch the bowl burn as quickly or as slowly as you are willing to experiment with it. It allows you to view a beautiful dancing smoke show while you do it and wastes no fumes while being windproof. Users can vaporize heavily, and combust very little or not at all when they practice and experiment with their techniques. The Sun Token is also built to last longer than human life. The Sun Token is meant to be passed down from smoker to smoker, It’s parts can be replaced, and other parts are repairable by Sun Token Products LLC, or many craftsmen and craftswomen.

DCN: Why solar smoke?

Hector Campos: On the surface, solar bowls are fun to perform, and taste great due to low burn temperatures. If anyone has not tried it, I suggest lighting your favorite bowl with a magnifying lens and seeing if it appeals to you. But even more importantly, solar smoking and hemp wick smoking will give environment-minded people a way to cut down on their plastic lighter waste. (For example, if you google- lighter waste, you will see images of seas of plastic garbage.)

Most lighters are not refillable and are a part of an old way of consuming that treats the world as a landfill in order to be convenient and get immediate satisfaction. Aside from lighters, even high tech vaporizers will one day succumb to battery death. With current technology, this makes them “one generation” tools. Vape cartridges are as popular as ever, but they follow the trend of creating a trail of disposable evidence that one day archaeologists will find in the fossil record. More and more people are looking for ways to be minimal and consume fewer resources.

Having a good lens, and using products like hemp wick allow us to cut down, even just a little, on the ocean of plastic junk that we spill onto the earth and into the oceans each day by the ton. A lens, can last forever and start fires forever- you just have to wait for mother nature to work with you. Some would say that makes it all the more special.

A look into Sun Token

Hector never envisioned becoming an entrepreneur, but he quickly realized how his invention could help humanity reduce its carbon footprint, all the while connecting him to others who share in his approach towards consuming cannabis. When looking at the Sun Token, you get the sense that this product is made for individuals who enjoy and appreciate good craftsmanship on their pipes, as well as those who are seeking a more ritualized cannabis consumption experience.

The materials that the Sun Token is made from are worth a mention, check out the list below.

  1. Previous models for the glass dome were made with acrylic glass. Newer models contain the upgraded material called borosilicate glass.
  2. Cherry wood is the wood material found in Sun Token. Flaxseed oil is the finishing coat and is known as a safe edible oil by FDA standards.
  3. The 14mm connection on top means that the owner can go to any smoke shop and pick out a new 14mm bowl that fits the Sun Token. There are even water filters, concentrate attachments, and vaporizer attachments that will all plug into that standard size hole so get creative with it.

My experience with the Sun Token

This section is reserved for the review portion of my Sun Token experience. I highly recommend watching this YouTube 44 second “dome hit” clip, it showcases the Sun Token in action and gives you an idea of how to light it for new users. Another useful resource for tips and tricks to utilize is the Sun Token blog, which is updated by Hector Campos himself!

The set up for the Sun Token was self-explanatory, put the bowl piece in the middle, and place the dome on top; it is magnetic so it will snap into place. Before lighting up, I followed the instructions and placed the bowl filled with herb in the center. I put the dome on top, and searched for a sunny spot, free from any lingering clouds. I used the magnifying card that was provided in the original packaging to start lighting the herb. Similar to when kids use a magnifying glass to burn ants, you have to angle the lens a few times to locate the small bright dot and find the perfect beam of light. I adjusted the angle of the magnifying card, as needed, to get the dot of light as small as possible to start the burning process. A few moments later the dome began to fill with smoke, and I took my first hit from the Sun Token.

If there is no access to sunlight, you can use the Sun Token as a regular handheld pipe to smoke from. Place the bowl and herb in the center and spark it up. You do not need to use the dome when you’re consuming in this fashion.

The following list below highlights some pros and cons I discovered while using the Sun Token.

  • Pros:
    • A different type of cannabis consumption experience
    • No need for lighters or matches when the sun is available
    • Hybrid pipe: It can be used with or without lighter or matches
    • Sturdy design that won’t break easily
  • Cons
    • Requires some patience to learn how to do a proper solar dome hit
    • Size is good, but I can’t wait for a smaller size to be released in the future
    • Small product line for now

An excellent piece of advice I’ll leave readers with is to get a magnifying lens if you decide to purchase a Sun Token. The card that it comes with initially does the job of lighting your herb, but after a few attempts you can upgrade your card to a magnifying lens and start burning your herb with faster precision.


“I believe we’re creating one of the ultimate toys for the collectors of the unique, the bizarre, and the beautiful.” – Hector Campos

I’ll leave readers with these final words; the Sun Token represents the many facets of what an innovative product hitting the cannabis market looks like. Consumers looking to make environmentally conscious purchases should review the Sun Token, or those individuals purely seeking a new experience to consuming cannabis should not overlook this product in their search.

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