Robert Tankson is the founder of PrestoDoctor; a marijuana telehealth platform he started in March of 2015. It was difficult to get the business started marketing wise because they were not able to use traditional ones such as Google or Facebook. He nailed a marketing strategy as well as an untapped market to make his company the number one rated online cannabis telehealth platform that has served over thousands of happy patients.

He always believed in the industry and in the potential of the company because it addressed real pain points in the medical evaluation processes. Some of these points act as a barrier for potential patients.

PrestoDoctor integrates the experience of getting a medical cannabis evaluation straight to through their mobile device or computer. A patient will sign in online and schedule an appointment with a licensed and knowledgeable doctor. Following the appointment, Prestodoctor will email digital copies as well as mail physical copies that can be used in California and Nevada. They specialize in the patient experience and true needs and are the only service online or in person clinic that offers a therapeutic treatment plan.

Located in downtown San Francisco, they now have four in office staff members and eight doctors. Tankson and Kyle, his co-founder that convinced him to start this business with him, invested $30,000, into the company. The returns have been “incredible” and they are currently looking to raise funding to help them with their expansion plans. On 4/20 they were honored for being the first cannabis company to be granted membership to the American Telemedicine Association.

Who is Robert Tankson outside of PrestoDoctor? He’s an outdoors guy that enjoys hiking, traveling, and new adventures. His favorite artist is Jay Z and he admires the entrepreneur, Elon Musk. Tankson admires Musk because of his ability to successfully balance several large companies and is still able to come up with creative ideas to lead them. Tankson co-founded a sports app, Sospo, but he is focused on the expansion of PrestoDoctor. He believes people will change their minds about cannabis as more research and benefits surface.

Although it was difficult for Tankson and his co-worker to leave high paying technology jobs to take a leap of faith with PrestoDoctor, they are fully committed and claim “with big risk comes big rewards.” Everyone around them has been supportive of their journey as well as the Bay Area because they are surrounded by other entrepreneurs to learn from.

To the potential entrepreneurs, Robert Tankson says, “Be disciplined and choose a business partner that you really trust. In a startup, you need to work hard and run a lean company while watching financials. You can’t be lazy, if you don’t do things then they will not get done.”

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