There are many different delivery methods involved with cannabis. More and more consumers are looking for an easy and discreet way to find relief from their ailments with cannabis without the irritation and smell that is often associated with smoking the plant. For people who suffer from conditions like sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and pain, eating cannabis has proven to be more effective at managing symptoms. When you eat marijuana it produces a longer and stronger effect on the body, making it an attractive way for many patients to find relief.

While cannabis edibles are effective, getting the dosage just right has been hard for many product manufacturers. According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, fewer than 1 in 5 edibles included accurate labels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. This is important because THC’s psychoactive effects may have adverse reactions on the person using them, like paranoia or anxiety.

Inconsistent dosage is a problem with many edibles, that’s why some people choose to try THC tablets instead for relief. These tablets provide the same benefits of using cannabis without the risk factors associated with smoking or eating the plant.

STRATOS THC tablets deliver a potent and favorable form of relief. Created by a team of industry-leading cannabis cultivators, scientists, and engineers, STRATOS meticulously designed an easy way to find consistent relief that patients can depend on…all in the form of a tablet that is designed to be swallowed. (This is not made to be a dissolvable tablet, dissolving the tablet would reduce the efficiency.

The team takes pride in the quality of their THC products, which is apparent from the first time you try it. By growing, extracting, formulating, and testing each batch themselves, they offer patients a dependable form of relief. You an even trace each cannabis extract back to the individual plant it came from, which is an impressive feat. The seed-to-sale approach STRATOS takes when creating their products ensures that their products are exactly what they should be, offering consistent effects with each and every dose.

STRATOS THC tablets are available in three varieties: Sleep, Energy, and Relax. Sleep is indica-based and is made to relieve symptoms while providing a calming body high. Energy is sativa-based and offers a clear high that leaves you slightly energetic. Relax is a hybrid blend of sativa and indica that provides relief all while giving you a balanced mind and body high. Each variety is available in a bottle of ten 10mg tablets (100mg total), thirty 10mg tablets (300mg total), or ten 50mg tablets (500mg).

When using STRATOS THC, all that is needed is to swallow the tablet. If you’re new to using edibles, start with 10mg and increase your dose by 10mg until you find relief that works for you. Currently, STRATOS THC tablets are only available in Colorado.

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  1. Please do NOT dissolve the tablets into liquids. The tablet formulation is designed for the tablet to be swallowed. Dissolving the tablet into a liquid will reduce the efficacy.

    Kip Ellsworth

  2. Stratos is superior to every edible on the market! Finally, someone has produced an accurate, precise method for delivery of an exact amount of THC/CBD. These folks are the only company I know of who has produced such a dependable product. Ask for their product at
    a Cannabis facility near you. You’ll never go back to unreliable edibles.

  3. I’m guessing this Sturtz comment is left by an employee or owner of the company because these things are certainly NOT superior to ANYTHING on the market! I can get a buzz from half a piece of any cannabis candy bar. That’s 5mg’s. But I feel nothing with the Stratos. Even if I take the whole pill, which is supposed to be 10mg, I feel very little. Seems like it might be about 3.5mg. Very weak and overpriced.

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