The Strain Tracker is a journal that aims to help you understand how each strain of cannabis uniquely affects you by documenting your cannabis experience through a series of questions you answer prior to and after your use.

The Strain Tracker’s purpose is to provide clear and accurate documentation on which strains of cannabis work for you. People typically turn to Google to search for the strains they’re about to try and results typically yield generic answers.

Everyone’s body responds differently to cannabis use and understanding those differences is key to finding the strains that best promote the effects that you desire.

Instead of relying on vague answers, with Strain Tracker, the user has access to information from their own experiences over time.

strain tracker cannabis journal
Strain Tracker lets you reflect on your cannabis experience and ultimately hone in on which strains work best for you.

Avoid Undesired Effects

Before consuming any cannabis products, fill out a page in the Strain Tracker with as much information available to you. After consumption, answer the questions about your experience in the Strain Tracker.

The pages are beautifully designed to capture the reader’s eye through its aesthetic design the user is able to document the moments felt throughout the head and body, while notating whether the strain gave an energizing or relaxing feel, plus how long it lasts, how strong it is, and more.

It is important to track cannabis strains that are consumed because preference is important for everyone.

By tracking personal data on the strains used, the consumer is better informed on which strains create the desired effect and which do not, ultimately allowing them to avoid such strains in the future.

The 4 Step Process

1. Before you ingest cannabis, fill out a new page in your Strain Tracker with as much information as you have about what you’re consuming. Be thorough, but don’t stress if some fields are blank.

2. Pay attention to how each product, dose, and delivery method impacts you uniquely. Notice whether you feel it in your head or your body (or both). Notice whether it’s stimulating or relaxing. Notice how long it lasts and how strong it is. The Strain Tracker has fields to track everything about your cannabis experience.

3. Use your Strain Tracker to document your results so you have clear and accurate records about what does and doesn’t work for you. You can even brainstorm new ideas about how each strain/product could be best utilized for specific conditions and circumstances moving forward.

4. Next time you’re going to consume, browse through your previous entries to determine which product/strain/dose/method is going to work best for your unique needs. This is how you dial in your perfect cannabis approach for every situation.

To learn more, check out Strain Tracker’s website.

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