Traditionally, stocking stuffers are smaller gifts that tend to be secondary to the main gifts under the Christmas tree. However, we wanted to change things up and put a twist to this year’s stocking stuffers.

We decided to reach out to Sava, the premier marketplace in California for hand-crafted cannabis goods and worked with them on putting together a list of 12 amazing stocking stuffers for the cannabis entrepreneur in your life. Don’t be surprised if your humble little gifts turn out to be a big hit when it’s time to open presents.

Kikoko Cannabis Infused Teas

Stocking Stuffers : Kikoko

All-organic, low-dose, cannabis-infused herbal teas for mood, libido, sleep, or pain and calm. Kikoko sources sun-grown, whole plant Co2 cannabis extract from Humboldt and processes it into KikoGold, their proprietary water-dispersible formula. Their teas do not require any fats, such as milk or coconut oil, to be effective. All of their teas are organic and fair-trade. They even use whole leaf, not tea dust, to maximize the beneficial properties of their herbs.

Kin Slips Nice Dream

Stocking Stuffers : Kin Slips

Kin Slips are compact, portable, and dissolve under your tongue delivering a precise dose quickly. Their carefully crafted blends of cannabinoids, terpenes and natural ingredients are formulated for positive effects on lifestyle and health. 100% natural and plant-based with an overall great taste. The Nice Dream™ blend has been formulated with the most relaxing cannabinoids and terpenes commonly found in Indica strains. Flavored with a soothing combination of Basil & Watermelon, Nice Dream is a perfect solution for a relaxing evening at home or that great night of sleep you have been dreaming of.

Om Epsom Mineral Soak

Stocking Stuffers : Om Epsom Mineral Soak

This soak brings deep relaxation and a great relief for any type of pain, mood-related issues, problems with sleep, and dermatological in balances. The skin is our largest organ, and the power of a cannabis soak is incredible. Their proprietary blend of carrier oils infused with activated THC and essential oils is indeed a miracle. They are proud to share that their Epsom salts are a pharmacological grade, their essential oils are a therapeutic grade, and their Cannabis Flowers are full spectrum and organically grown. They offer an array of aromas, each bringing a different aromatherapeutic benefit: Lavender, Lemon Ginger & Eucalyptus, Rose Geranium, Athletic, and Sensitive skin/fragrance-free. 

Garden Society Bright Blooms

Stocking Stuffers : Garden Society Bright Blooms

Bright Blooms help you stay mindful and in the moment when life is at its most stressful and hectic. Beautiful gelées made from a blend of zesty fruits and herbs, and infused with a Sativa hybrid cannabis strain, Bright Blooms are the perfect way to improve a stress-filled day. The creator’s of Bright Blooms is Garden Society. Garden Society began as a personal mission to find healthy ways to bring balance to their busy lives. They are a medical cannabis company focused on confections that merge insatiable flavors, responsibly sourced ingredients, and high-quality cannabis. Along the way, they are out to help redefine the social acceptance of the industry. 

Herbabuena Mini Pre-Rolls

Stocking Stuffers : herbabuena mini pre-rolls

Each batch of HerbaBuena pre-rolls is blended to provide a specific effect. Made with sun grown and certified Biodynamic flowers, each handsome pack contains ten pre-rolled joints (4 full grams of whole flower cannabis) and is packaged with a Boveda humidor to ensure your flowers are fresh, flavorful and enjoyable from the first puff to the last.  Available in Rock On, Feel Better and Rest. Since inception, Herbabuena has been on a mission to define the modern cannabis culture, where health-conscious adults have access to exceptional, full-spectrum, therapeutic products with the same standards of quality and purity as they’ve come to expect in their organic food and fine wine.

LaGrandeur Sparkling Beverage

Stocking Stuffers : LaGrandeur

LaGrandeur is the champagne of cannabis beverages! Using premium cannabis extract and high-quality ingredients LaGrandeur allows both the novice and connoisseur to enjoy an elevated adult beverage in an easy to understand single-serving bottle. A refreshing sparkling beverage elevated with 5mg of THC. Brightened with a touch of lime. Lightly sweetened with raw honey.

Lord Jones Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion

Stocking Stuffers : Lord Jones Topicals

Lord Jones Pain & Wellness formula topicals have been developed by a veteran team of personal care experts to deliver full-spectrum whole plant medicine that provides relief from pain, inflammation and a variety of skin conditions. Available in Lord Jones signature fragrance, fresh with notes of sage, mint and green citrus. This soothing, rich, luxurious lotion is designed to be penetrating and readily absorbed. It is formulated with Frescolat, a natural agent that creates a cooling sensation upon contact, and is non-psychoactive when used as directed.

Treat Yourself Mini Pop Tartlette

Stocking Stuffers : treatyourselfinc

Treat Yourself Inc. has created the original Pop Tartelettes. These individual minis are the perfect introduction to medicating with edibles. Low dosed and made with natural, organic ingredients.  Superfood-filled, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free. Keep frozen and enjoy lightly toasted. When designing their products, their goal has always been to cultivate health and happiness while creating an enjoyable experience for their patients.

Atlas Edibles

Stocking Stuffers : Atlas Edibles

Atlas Edibles crafts delicious and nutritious edibles infused with flavors from around the world. Healthy, delicious edibles made with the highest quality ingredients. Available in Stratus, Ember, Nimbus, and Origin. 

Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm

Stocking Stuffers : Releaf balm

Releaf™ Balm is tougher than pain, bringing a breakthrough new approach and formula. This formula delivers hours of pain relief in an all-natural, botanical balm that is infused with a coconut oil soak process that is unmatched for potency and terpene content. They currently offer two formulations. Their award-winning 3:1 ratio formulation has more than 400 mg of cannabinoids per jar and is also offered in 15 ml jar that contains over 135 mg at 3:1. Their 1:3 CBD-Rich formulation is great for those who are looking for more CBD in their topicals. This ratio is ideal for those with chronic pain and inflammation and has more than 600 mg of cannabinoids per 50 ml jar and over 160 mg in the 15 ml jar.

Mondo Cannabis Powder

Stockings Stuffers : mondo meds

Mondo is an all natural dissolving cannabis powder. A fast-acting edible, this gentle and functional high is the perfect accompaniment to productive lifestyles. Crafted from the highest quality flowers grown from a single source Clean Green Certified farmer, this product is guaranteed to be free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Mondo Cannabis Powder can be precisely measured by milligram of THC to provide anxiety relief without reducing mental dexterity. The belief behind Mondo powder will be a welcome replacement for synthetic prescription anxiety medications such as Xanax that carry unpleasant side effects.

Somatik Cannabis Cold Brew

Stocking Stuffers : Somatik Cannabis Cold Brew

Somatik™ cold-brew coffee is delicious, ready-to-drink, single-origin coffee that is infused with just the right amount of cannabis for any day of the week.  Crafted to be a functional dose that anyone can integrate into their workday or their play-day, each bottle contains 15mg of THC that’s easily splittable into three 5mg doses. As of now, we suggest you get your hand’s on this product and make sure to stock up for your cannabis connoisseur, with regulation in California, those of us who enjoy our cannabis coffee will have to find other methods in 2018. 

Now, for those located in California, time to do some gifting and pick up those stocking stuffers. Click the image below to grab your favorite items!


Want to learn more about Sava?

Sava’s mission is to connect patients with providers of high-quality hand-crafted goods and to educate them on using cannabis effectively. By offering a platform that supports community, Sava allows patients to learn about who they are purchasing from, how their products were made and how best to use the cannabis for health.

Keep an eye out for part 2 and 3 of our Holiday Gift Guide!


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