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To start off the new year, I attended the ArcView Group Investor Forum in Los Angeles, CA, this event was geared towards investors seeking to discuss investment opportunities within the legal cannabis industry.

As Director of Client Relations and Operations for Direct Cannabis Network, I’ve made it my goal to communicate our brand’s mission and to create connections at these events that will foster meaningful synergy. Our CEO, Adelia Carrillo, had the opportunity to pitch at this event and generate awareness around DCN’s presence in the cannabis industry.

What’s it like being a cannabis entrepreneur?

lucia-arcviewBeing a cannabis entrepreneur is an exciting profession! You never know what’s truly going on in this changing environment, and word of mouth travels fast among community leaders in the industry.

Key to success in this space is to know where the game changing conversations are being held, and securing a seat at the table of these conversations is an important piece on the way to a successful path!

I’ve interacted with a handful of investors and business owners in the cannabis industry, I have seen and heard first hand how these conversations are helping to create a professional culture that is much needed in this space.

What’s DCN up to this 2017?

Direct Cannabis Network is part of the first cohort for Canopy SD, which is a cannabis accelerator that is a mentorship-driven, seed-stage investment program for startups in the legal cannabis-ancillary industry.

Canopy partnered with the ArcView Group in order to provide a chance of funding, and recognition for the portfolio companies coming from these accelerators around the United States. To clarify Canopy focuses on legal cannabis-ancillary companies providing business solutions, services, and products for the cannabis industry.

Check out this piece the San Diego Reader wrote on our demo day, and to learn more about the portfolio companies in our cohort, go here.

Through networking diligently and being present at these events, my team and I get an opportunity to be part of the dialogue happening in this space. DCN is positioning itself as a brand whose mission is to foster a sense of community among business minded individuals, and is an active participant within the cannabis B2B space.

Advice to new entrepreneurs entering the cannabis industry?

Keep your ear to the ground and follow up on organizations such as ArcView Group, Canopy, and other similar organizations seeking to create a thriving industry. I personally believe these groups are important movers and shakers in the cannabis industry – keep them in mind when moving forward on leads!

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san diego pride
Los Angeles Pride, 2016

Cannabis is one of my many passions, but I am also passionate about advancing the status quo of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community. I have dedicated the past several years to being an active participate in the LGBTQ movement across the United States. I’ve volunteered for various organizations and groups within the LGBTQ community of San Diego, and have professional experience in creating and implementing marketing campaigns targeting sub-population groups for federal, state, and private clients. These two passions are always great conversations starters with me!

Have questions?

Reach out via the comments! I would love to hear about other’s experiences within this industry.

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