Source Colorado, a wholesale cannabis consulting company has become a tool for dispensary owners in the state of Colorado.

The mission is to help dispensary owners locate the best wholesale cannabis flower and products for their dispensaries while also offering cost effective pricing. They wanted to built a platform that could help busy professionals that were either buyers or sellers of wholesale cannabis. Source Colorado has 193 recreational buyers, 74 recreational sellers, 155 medical buyers, and 116 medical sellers.

What does Source Colorado offer?

Source Colorado offers consulting and transportation services. A wholesale consultant will present interested parties with options that help in selecting the best product or strain available; this saves time and money on both ends. Source Colorado serves medical and recreational businesses across the state of Colorado. If you buy wholesale, Source Colorado offers complimentary services, and their offices are open seven days a week and located in Crested Butter and Denver.

How does shipping work?

Source Colorado has a relationship with reputable Key-Badged transportation specialists that guarantees your delivery or payment on time. The secure and discreet deliveries are also fully MED compliant and five pounds or more is a free delivery.

What issues is Source Colorado solving?

Source Colorado solves several problems that exist within the wholesale process. Without Source Colorado, business owners would have to search for places to buy from without no real background knowledge of the grower’s practices, and often buyers purchase what they think seems the best. Source Colorado has consultants that search for the buyer, and present them with different options ensuring to provide the best deal available known without the hassle of dedicating hours of research. They also provide transportation services which saves the business owner time and money by not having to do it themselves or go through a third party. Source Colorado understands that some brokers can mislead the customers, and vows not to do this by locating the best cannabis possible, and carefully selecting which licensing grow facilities to do business with.

Source Colorado is proudly partnered with the world’s cannabis information resource Leafly, cannabis cultivation product line Willow Industries, and one of the leading provider of financial, business, and industry data for North American cannabis markets Cannabis Benchmarks, cannabis attorney law firm Vicente Sederberg LLC , glass art company Illadelph, and Colorado based cannabis magazine, Dope .

Who are the founders?

Source Colorado co-founder Connor Thompson is committed to creating an innovative and efficient model for serving the wholesale needs of the cannabis business. Being involved with several business grow build outs and designs, he has first hand witnessed the growth of the industry. Co-founder Dan Lauber has a degree in Business Management and Agricultural Economics and oversees business development, marketing, and communication.

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