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What is the Growers Network?

Growers Network is a vetted community exclusively for commercial cannabis professionals; allowing members to connect, trade knowledge and transform the industry.

Growers Network facilitates communication between cannabis professionals such as grow operation owners, master growers, academics, dispensary owners, equipment manufacturers, and those interested in learning about this side of the cannabis community.

By creating a platform to exchange information, the team behind the Growers Network searches and shares the most relevant information distributed by its members throughout its network. One feature that stands out is the “Grower’s Spotlight”, a collection of interviews featuring the leading commercial cannabis professionals discussing the top issues in the industry.

The team is committed to making sure the community is professionally moderated . All members of the forum will be thoroughly examined to ensure that only state-licensed operators can join.

What is the Growers Network solving?

Research in the cannabis industry is limited due to federal regulations, and those searching for legitimate sources will find it to be a hassle if you’re unfamiliar with the cannabis space. The Growers Network states to have restricted academics and commercial growers collaboratively working, researching, and studying commercial cannabis cultivation on their network.

Since information is hard to acquire and many grow facilities have been left to manage their operations through trial and error and unverified sources. Growers Network was created to directly address this growing problem.

The Growers Network launched their private beta on December 1, 2016. To learn more, visit their website.


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