SneakGuard is a safe and responsible storage product.

What is the purpose of SneakGuard?

The purpose of SneakGuard is to address the hot-button issue of accidental ingestion of cannabis by either pets or children in the home. It is a product uniquely designed with a lock to protect children, pets, and other unwanted guests from consuming your cannabis. The SneakGuard includes a built-in vacuum system that eliminates odor, preserves the shelf life of the materials inside, or even cure your cannabis.

How does SneakGuard work?

The owner places their cannabis product inside of the SneakGuard and sets a combination lock. The unit has a metal exterior and a plastic top which has a dial lock combination on it. It is 6.5 inches tall, has a 6-inch diameter, and has a capacity of 1.5 Liters. SneakGuard is big enough to hold about a pound of raw cannabis, 10-15 edibles, or 30 grams of concentrate.

Who is SneakGuard for?

SneakGuard is for anyone looking to protect their cannabis products from being consumed by others. SneakGuard could be used by someone who is growing their own cannabis and would like to curate it. Another purpose would be to keep pets or children from accidentally ingesting its’ contents.

What problems does SneakGuard solve?

Unfortunately, there have been tragic stories where children and or pets have consumed cannabis unmonitored. Cannabis poisoning in children has increased 150% since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado in 2014. With the current spread of legalization in more states going on, a huge concern for people is the safety of cannabis with children in the home. SneakGuard’s aim is to prevent accidents from happening because even if the child finds it, they will not be able to open it. SneakGuard is the only product on the market that combines security and vacuum freshness. Check out this video of a child attempting to open the SneakGuard.

SneakGuard’s Awards and Recognitions

SneakGuard was chosen among 12 startups to pitch to top accredited investors at the Las Vegas ArcView Investor Forum. It is a Shark Tank-style Investor Network that will connect start-up companies with industry leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and wealthy investors to collaborate. SneakGuard has also been called The Best Cannabis Stash Box.

SneakGuard’s Mission

The mission of SneakGuard is to educate parents, caregivers, and consumers about the need for safe responsible storage of cannabis products.

“Our efforts will include outreach programs to budtenders, pediatricians, emergency rooms, educators, and on the trade.” Graeme Gorden, Inventor, CEO & Founder of SneakGuard.

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