The Who is Happy app.  A social media app that allows for you to anonymously announce that you are medicated or as some call it getting high.  Paulo Costa and Henrique Torelli, Founders of the Who is Happy app, wanted to create an app that allows for users who are enjoying the same lifestyle to share their happiness moments with the world.

“‘Who is Happy’ chiefly as a means for cannabis users to connect and share their happiness,” Paulo Costa, founder, and CEO, told the Daily News. “There’s hope that the app will help decriminalize cannabis in countries like Brazil, from which it hails.”

The app is simple and easy. After you smoked that joint, ate that edible or consumed cannabis in whichever form you prefer you go to the app and click on the smiley face button and a green smoke cloud will drop within 1km on the virtual map. You have now shared visually with other users that you are in your happy place now. In essence, it’s the Foursquare for Stoner’s.

What’s great is that you can see where other users are getting high from city to city as well as globally.  Want to find out what countries are smoking the most pot? There is a global leaderboard that shares the overall happiness of each country.

The Who is Happy App is free to download and available for both iOS and Android users. The app has been available to Brazil since January and launched last Wednesday in the United States.

Although it is free, the Who is Happy creators see possible potentially to build monetizing via ad space.

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