Rather than marketing flavors or color in strains, Ebbu is marketing moods. The Ebbu app is offering five branded feelings: giggle, create, energy, chill, and bliss. The Colorado company wants to change the way America markets its cannabis products.

Dooma Wendschuh and Jon Cooper are co-founders of Ebbu. “Consumers don’t purchase edibles based on flavoring, they purchase based on how it’s going to make the person feel, Wendschuh told Fusion.  Ebbu aims to produce “predictable and reliable sensations.” They say their products will be labeled with a sticker that says “Ebbu Inside,” indicating quality. Wendschuh are shooting for consistency. Ebbu’s products will be free of pesticides, solvents, mold, and potential carcinogens.

Naturally, Wendschuh and Cooper chose Colorado as the ideal place to start a cannabis enterprise. “We had a really simple approach when we started this,”  Wendschuh told Innovation News. “We would never want to open a retail outlet to compete with our customers. That wouldn’t be a good idea.” Ebbu hopes to avoid over-used trends in the cannabis market. “I see this as truly a chance to change the world,” added Wendschuh. “There are trends in our society, just below the surface and globally, with people using less tobacco, less alcohol and also caffeine… All of these things point to a dissatisfaction with the legal psycho-actives we have. This is an opportunity to create a product to compete with a trillion-dollar alcohol industry.”

What does Ebbu mean? “We knew we wanted a name for our product that didn’t mean anything,” Wendschuh said. “We saw it on a domain list, so we bought it,” Wendschuh says the company is currently in the process of raising a Series A round of $9 million. Wendschuh talked to Ryan Nerz of the Cannabusiness Report August 10. The company could help change the way we market cannabis.

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