Green Alternative is the first legal MMJ dispensary to open in San Diego County. Opening their doors on March 18th, 2015 in Otay Mesa. This business is the first of the legal 32 dispensary shops to open in San Diego.

Reported from UT San Diego, “Although there we no long lines, there were quite a few excited customers knowing they would be able to purchase MMJ from an authorized shop in San Diego for the first time since California voters approved the use of Medical Marijuana in 1996.”

What’s great is that is just the beginning for San Diego, it looks like two more dispensaries in Kearny Mesa and San Ysidro will be opening up in the next few months! Most recent news we heard was that the other week the planning commission approved another in Point Loma.

We know though at the end of the day though that all those other collectives and dispensary’s that are still not legal will continued to be harassed and shut down, but we have hope that things will begin turning around more and more for our lovely hometown San Diego as the opening of the Legal dispensaries begin opening.

What do you think took San Diego so long from allowing dispensaries to become established businesses?


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