Resolve Digital Health, a provider of standardized medical cannabis for patients raises $5 Million in Series A. Aphria Inc. led this round which was brokered by Canaccord Genuity Group Inc.

This raise moves Resolve Digital Health into their next phase of the company’s development, with the launch in California of their debut medical device system, Breeze. Breeze is a Smart Inhaler™ providing a more accurate, metered, treatment solution.

  • The Breeze Smart Inhaler offers the following;
  • Measure and record treatment effects and efficacy
  • Two-way communication with easy to use touch screen
  • Connects to mobile devices via BluetoothA pre-packaged, single use Smartpod™
  • Easy to pack so you can discreetly inhale on the go
  • Recognizes Smart Pod™ type and displays notifications

To properly use the Breeze Smart Inhaler™ you would need the Breeze Smartpod™ which is inserted into the Breeze Smart Inhaler™.  Each Smartpod™ has the highest quality cannabis flower or oil. This vaporizer tracks the patient’s experience with a mobile application. The data is securely stored to share with doctor’s, pharmacists and other caregivers.  The mobile app measures the effectiveness of each treatment and how you are managing your symptoms, observes consumption, pod type, treatment time and efficacy. While also storing symptoms, prescription drugs, and medical conditions.

Rob Adelson,  CEO of Resolve Digital health has been studying this over the past few years, listening, researching exploring and testing, ensuring that their solution is more than just a product option. Rob found that patients specific needs and clear expectations around how prescribed solutions should address their pain.

In 2015, CannaRoyalty,  a fully integrated, active investor and operator in the legal cannabis sector, gained interest in Resolve Digital Health. They entered into an agreement acquiring 35% ownership, providing a substantial seed capital and resources for research and the development of the Breeze technology.

As Resolve nears the initial product launch, they have already developed exclusive dispensary partnerships in California. Patient’s will be able to get access to the complete product ecosystem in Spring 2017 in select dispensaries in California and quickly after rapidly expanding into additional key markets in Canada and the Unites States in 2017 and 2018.


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