Reefer: Loyalty Platform for Dispensaries

The value of a loyal patient is 10 times more important compared to a first time patient, referrals are the second most important when it comes to choosing a dispensary. Reefer Loyalty, founded by USC students Brian Zatulove, Zach Wise, Jordan Wise and Shaun Edalati, quickly seized on the opportunity provided by the sudden “green rush.”

What issue is Reefer Loyalty addressing?

Their innovate platform creates a social network around dispensaries. Customers are able to add their Facebook friends and earn rewards when they visit a dispensary.

“Reefer focuses on two components: loyalty and referrals,” said Zatulove, a junior majoring in business administration. “We allow patients to earn points from their purchases and from the purchases of their friends. This essentially creates an incentivized social network around each dispensary that we are partnered with,” stated the Daily Trojan.

How does this process work with friends?

Ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have rewards programs implemented within their platform so users are able to earn free rides through their friends activities.

Each user is given a special code and when they refer a friend, friends use that code, which results in the original friend receiving a free ride since their friend used that specific code.

They can keep using each others’ codes to work up towards discounts and more free rides. This has proven to be effective for these other brands so Reefer has taken the same approach and applied it towards the cannabis industry for dispensaries.

Every time you visit a dispensary, you earn 10 points and all of your friends earn 2 points. Every time they visit the same dispensary, you earn 2 points. These points are then used to redeem rewards such as free cannabis products or discounts.

Are there future plans for a mobile platform?

Due to iOS regulations they are not able to provide a mobile application currently, however they have optimized their website so it is mobile friendly.

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