The issue of compliance in the cannabis industry is a heated conversation among the Cannabis industry. Some business owners operate under compliance, meaning they take the time to ensure their processes, products, and their workforce is meeting regulated standards. While another half of business owners are working under the veil, or to be direct, are not in compliance with any standards, essentially threatening both the business and the end user.

Cannabis Quality Group is a Cloud based integrated Enterprise Quality Management Software that allows cannabis companies to collaborate with their supply chain while ensuring transparency with the quality of the cannabis provided. Their solutions enable companies to safeguard consumers, ensure brand integrity, maximize employee uptime, and ensure compliance with an accredited quality standard. Cannabis Quality Group was founded by Donavan Bennett of Roswell, Georgia and Joe Novalany of Edison, New Jersey.

When recalls lead to a business idea….

“After hearing about all the cannabis recalls, I asked myself, ‘why can’t I use this tool that I’m utilizing in my current position to check quality control and use it in the cannabis industry?”

The tool Donavan was talking about was an Enterprise Quality Management System, this means an organization will never again have to scramble to prepare for a government or internal audit. Company executives will know at all times which production plants are in compliance and which are straying from corporate standards.

“After using these systems in my everyday work life, I realized these same processes can be translated to the cannabis industry. We’re basically taking a proven system in one area and applying it to cannabis market,” explained Donavan.

The development of Cannabis Quality Group

Although this idea sounded like a solution for the cannabis industry, Donavan still wanted to gather some validation before development. It all came together when he attended the NJ Cannabis Business Association meeting, and as he began presenting his idea to dispensary owners and potential applicants, almost instantly he could feel the excitement from New Jersey Cannabis industry professionals and knew that this could help others nationwide. Donavan and Joe immediately began working on a script for a video to show audiences who and what issues they were going to address to help the cannabis industry.  

Check out their two-minute video!

The entrepreneurs behind the company

Donavan Bennett is the CEO/Co-Founder of Cannabis Quality Group, he’s earned an undergraduate degree in Business from The Military College of South Carolina, and a Master’s Degree in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas. Joe Novalany, a Graduate from Wilmington University, possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Web Information Services and is the CTO/Co-Founder for Cannabis Quality Group.

“Joe is the brains behind this idea. I know quality control, but Joe knows how to build software development. He went to school for it, owns his own company in that space, and has laid the foundation for CQG,” explained Donavan, “as a quality manager, I inspect product quality, and I’m able to understand the tools and pain points for business owners and assist.”

Donavan and Joe recently found out they were accepted to Canopy Boulder, a venture fund and business accelerator for companies developing ancillary products and services for the legal cannabis industry in Boulder, Colorado. The program will prioritize connecting their business with experienced mentors and introduce them to an extensive cannabis investor network.

Who would benefit from Cannabis Quality Group?

Businesses who are ready to apply this kind of software for their business including dispensaries, cultivators, and edible companies would benefit the most with this software. There currently is an opportunity for five businesses to sign up for the beta program.

Donavan stated,“For our beta group, we have a dispensary, that is vertically integrated, meaning the business is a cultivation site specializing in seed to sale. In September of this year, we are looking for five more companies to sign up for our beta program,” exclaimed Donavan.

By making this software available to cultivators, dispensaries, and laboratories, Cannabis Quality Group will be able to help business owners meet standard operating procedures (SOPs) by providing them with nine streamlined solutions including:

  • Audit Management
  • Compliant Management
  • Pest Management
  • Training Management
  • Risk Management
  • Environment Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Product Specification 
  • Document Management

In line with these solutions, two primary production methods are geared towards testing standardization and training management.

Important reminder about quality assurance and compliance

Complex laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry present a host of challenges for entrepreneurs looking to operate in this space. For many, the potential rewards of this emerging industry justify the effort and outlay required to establish a compliant cannabis operation. However, as of right now, many cannabis companies are focusing on marketing and “aren’t too concerned with compliance or regulations since the cannabis industry is so new and unregulated,” stated Donavan.

“The main differentiator between brands will be quality. Other companies and brands tell me they aren’t ready to adopt a quality assurance system or don’t think they are ready for it, explained Donavan.

Gearing up for the future

Cannabis Quality Group is set to focus on the United States, making sure to find product market fit within recreational and medical states such as Colorado, California, and Florida.

You can also schedule some time to meet them at the MJ Biz Conference in Las Vegas this Fall.

Is it time you began thinking of the future of your business? Contact Cannabis Quality Group today and sign up for their beta!

To sign up for Beta testing with Cannabis Quality Group, click here.

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