Meet the pre-loaded, disposable vaporizer. Attendees at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas were the first to try Jimi Hendrix “Hazesticks”. Hazesticks was created by Jimi Hendrix’s brother Leon Hendrix. The company’s pipeline of vaporizers will include a medible branch called Jimi’s Medicated Macaroons.

“Jimi was an integral part of the psychedelic movement through his music and actions and is a natural fit to brand in the cannabis community. We are excited to release ‘HazeSticks’ and carry on that legacy to a whole new generation of fans,” wrote Leon Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix was immortalized by his death at age 27, joining “Forever 27” icons in music history.

Attendees at the 4th annualMarijuana Business Conference & Expo in Las Vegas could visit Hazesticks at booth #528. The devices were developed by Jacksam Corp. as the only refillable vaporizer on the market to handle various forms of concentrates. “The addition of the HazeSticks brand will completely change how users visualize, consume and relate to authentic cannabis brands,” stated investor Danny Davis.

Hazesticks are pre-loaded with liquid, oil, or wax. Jimi Hendrix’s blood brother Leon Hendrix partnered with Andrew Pitsicalis to form Purple Haze Properties. The company’s proceeds go to Jimi’s surviving nieces and nephews. Purple Haze Properties, LLC have partnered with Silver State Trading in Nevada to distribute the devices to Nevada, California, and Colorado. The Hazesticks line will include vaporizers, grinders, lighters, pipes, rolling papers, ashtrays, and pre-filled cannabis strains.

Given the endorsement from Jimi’s own family, the Hazesticks line is expected to do well. For more information, visit the official Hazesticks website.

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