Pulse, a startup located in Venice, California developed a device called the Pulse Nano that gives you access to monitor your cannabis plants no matter where you are.

The Pulse Nano is a loT device that measures temperature, humidity, light, and VPD (vapor pressure deficit). The device is battery operated or can be used via a wall outlet and is completely wireless with heavily built security.

To use this, all you need is the Pulse device, WiFi in your grow room and a mobile or electronic device that connects to the internet. The mobile or electronic device is so you can download the app associated with the nano.

How does it work?

You would place the device in your grow room and then follow these four steps.

  1. Download the Pulse Nano app and connect to the wifi
  2. Use our defaults or define your own to Secure monitoring of your grow room’s temperature, humidity, light, and connectivity.
  3. Enter your contact information to receive updates and to be notified if the environment changes from your desired settings
  4. Go about your daily routine with the ability to check in on your grow room at any time!

On top of your daily insights, you will also be able to gain access to data-driven insights and recommendations based on your grow room’s environment.

The Founding Team

Chris Tosi has a background in consumer technology and business working for companies like FreshPlum and Blackberry and is a University of South Florida graduate with a bachelors degree in science. Over the past year, he began to have an interest in growing cannabis for personal use, which is when the idea of the Pulse Nano transformed.

Although Chris had an innovative idea, he knew he needed a partner with a background in engineering, which is when Peter Koverda comes in. Peter has a Bachelors of Science with Honors, Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida. As a full stack developer, he has worked for corporations like ExxonMobil and IBM.

How can I get a Pulse Nano?

The Pulse Nano launched their closed beta program on September 15th and are currently taking pre-orders. On November 1st, 2017 they will begin shipping a limited quantity of units to the public at the cost of only $200 per unit.

Closing Thoughts…

I love the idea of this device. The simplicity and resourcefulness this device could provide for those who will consider themselves a micro grower. However, I would be very interested in hearing some of the data they find after their beta program from their current users. Especially since everyone has a unique twist in their grow setup.

I think this may be a test for Lucia on Hotbox Reviews. Stay tuned for more information as we research more into this company and device.

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