The cannabis tourism industry is blossoming right now, and all sorts of companies are beginning to advertise cannabis friendly options. Some of these activities go with cannabis like peanut butter with jelly, or a fine wine with dinner. One of these perfectly paired activities is the Puff, Pass & Paint class being offered by Denver based painter Heidi Keyes, which will be coming to both Seattle and Portland in December of this year. Keyes began offering these cannabis infused painting classes in 2014, in an attempt to create an atmosphere where all types of people can come together and relax, and get their creative juices flowing. “Puff, Pass & Paint isn’t about making the perfect piece of art,” the website says. “It’s about being part of an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, open-minded, and allowing yourself to freely create your own original masterpiece.”

The Denver based, cannabis-friendly painting classes rapidly grew in popularity, and have received positive attention from the media, including a mention on Saturday Night Live, and visits from celebrities like Margaret Cho.  Heidi Keyes has also recently merged Puff, Pass & Paint with Colorado Cannabis Tours to create the parent company Stay High, which will connect travelers with cannabis friendly lodging and activities, and offer cannabis themed tours and classes in Colorado, Washington and Oregon (including Puff, Pass & Paint). Keyes is currently partnering with local Seattle and Portland art teachers to take Puff, Pass & Paint classes to the two cities, and as legalization spreads, she hopes to eventually be able to offer classes nationwide. Puff, Paint & Pass classes will begin in Portland on December 18th, and Keyes will heading west to guest teach the first class in Seattle on December 19th.

The two hour classes are open to adults age 21 and over. Painters and tokers of every experience level are welcome, and attendance is kept relatively small to keep the experience personal. Also, all of the painting materials are supplied, so there’s no need to stress over details. Cannabis is not sold at these events, and attendees are asked to bring their own. Consumption of cannabis in states with legal adult use is permitted only in private locations, so these classes provide the perfect opportunity for vacationers to find safe access to somewhere they can consume their legally purchased goodies. Puff, Pass & Paint classes are also a great option for anyone looking for a weekly activity to get out of the house, and meet some new creative and cannabis friendly folks. If you’re a cannabis consumer, you probably know that passing a bowl or a joint around is an excellent way to break the ice with new friends, and most of the time the favor will be returned.

Visit the Puff, Pass & Paint website and follow on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on scheduled classes and events. Keep your eye out for a variety of other upcoming events through Stay High as well.


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