PrestoDoctor, a leading provider of telemedicine consultations for medicinal marijuana patients, is unveiling the first telemedicine kiosks in cannabis dispensaries across California and Nevada to allow potential patients to obtain their medicinal license quickly, safely, efficiently, and less expensive.

“We want to allow patients to access medicinal marijuana with the same ease and efficiency as other forms of prescription drugs”, said Kyle Powers, Co-Founder, and CEO of PrestoDoctor. “Now many more Americans without Internet or smartphone access will be equally able to improve their well-being through prescription cannabis.”

These kiosks will make it easier for those that desire to become a medicinal cannabis user that do not have access to a smartphone or internet access. They can come to the dispensary and register their PrestoDoctor account using one of the kiosks. The patient schedules a video chat with a licensed doctor in the next 30 minutes. If approved, the patient’s paperwork is shared directly with the dispensary through the system, and the patient has immediate access to cannabis. Making the kiosks so easy to use with results within the hour will also encourage more Americans to possess cannabis legally.

“We hope that by providing telemedicine kiosks we will help many more of the millions of Americans that may wish to use cannabis as a safer alternative to other forms of medication,” Powers continued. “This follows patterns of growing demand across the country, and makes it easy for people to access the medication they need quickly.”

The Internet makes it simpler and faster for people; however illegitimate companies have taken advantage of individuals. For example, MMJ Online claims to provide legal medicinal cannabis license evaluations, but there are several indicators about this company that says otherwise. Recommendations on this site are being approved with no doctor to patient interaction which may be a violation of Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Laws and Guidelines, arriving without the official California seal, the verification numbers were unverifiable, and there was no way to check the doctor’s credentials before the appointment.

How do you get an evaluation from PrestoDoctor?

The evaluations that PrestoDoctor give are conducted through a secure video chat where each patient sees a doctor; the patient receives a temporary PDF of the recommendation complete with the official gold seal, and an ID card.

PrestoDoctor has been rated number one for cannabis doctor service and telemedicine service online. One of the many reasons why they have such a high rating is because they are the only physicians in the industry that present personalized treatment plans to cannabis patients.

Where will these kiosks be placed?

The kiosks will be placed for free in dispensaries in San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, and then eventually across California and Nevada. This will also increase traffic for dispensaries because the kiosks will be promoted on Presto Doctor’s website.

The booths are to be placed for free in dispensaries across California and Nevada and will be first available in cities San Francisco, San Diego and soon Oakland. There are expansion plans to roll out the kiosks in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. This should boost business for the dispensaries as the kiosks will be promoted online by PrestoDoctor. The increased ease of access should also encourage higher numbers of Americans to obtain marijuana legally.

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