The award-winning premium medical subscription club, Potbox, has announced the expansion of their product, Joint Box, and a new on demand delivery option for their customers in San Francisco, California.

When you buy the Joint Box, you will discover six, all flower, pre-rolled joints. Two joints are indica, two are sativa, and two are hybrid. The joints offer premium medical marijuana that are wax sealed straight from the farm for delivery within one to two hours.

“Joint Box was inspired by feedback we received from our regular customers who, after experiencing Potbox, asked if there was an option to buy only pre-rolled joints,” said Austin Heap, CEO of Potbox. “Many of our customers are working professionals, who appreciate the convenience of being able to take our premium medical cannabis with them on the go; or they have families and prefer the discretion that a pre-rolled joint affords. Whatever the reason, we are more than happy to accommodate our customers.”

The new on demand delivery offers more to customers inside and outside of the San Francisco area. Patients in San Francisco are now able to customize when and how often they receive their marijuana. People who are just visiting are now able to purchase either the Potbox, 10 grams for $150, or the Joint Box, six grams for $90.

Heap continues, “Similarly, the on-demand service was highly requested by curious customers who wanted to try Potbox, but more so from visiting out-of-towners who could not get deliveries in their area. The new on-demand option also caters to our existing subscribers — some of whom were ordering two, three or even four Potbox subscriptions per month in order to fit their needs. Now that we’ve successfully launched our subscription offering, we’re pleased to officially launch Potbox On-Demand in San Francisco.”

Celebrate your “4/20” the right way with the Joint Box.

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