Potbox, a premium cannabis delivery subscription club. Potbox curates the highest quality, most ethically-grown medical cannabis available and delivers it fresh from the farm directly to your door each month.

Last week PotBox launched. It’s the packaging concept you have to see to believe. PotBox co-founders held a Q&A on Product Hunt to discuss how people felt about their new product. Each month your subscription comes to your home in a one set package- a quarter-ounce of two types of top-shelf weed and two hand-rolled joints- 10 grams total. The packaging is exquisitely royal like a gift box of Maker’s Mark.

PotBox CEO Austin Heap told Mashable “[PotBox is] a more sophisticated alternative to the various other ‘on-demand’ cannabis delivery services that simply aggregate and deliver whatever inventory is currently available at the local dispensaries.” The “highest-quality, most ethically-grown cannabis” is sun-grown on three farms in Santa Cruz. Some call it the “Netflix of pot.”

So far, Heap and his co-founders are running service in San Francisco and he’s launched a pilot program in Los Angeles. He hopes to take away the paranoia of going to a dispensary. Patients upload a valid physician’s referral and answer a few questions and their box is on its way.

PotBox is $149.95 a month. Another subscription service, Marvina, offers 7-gram boxes for $95. The PotBox jar labels indicate the stain, genetics, palate, and aroma. PotBox guarantees special care as the bud is grown organically. The jars come with a fact card about the plant’s appellation, terroir, elevation, climate, and more. Some of the strains consist of Blue Sour, Lemon Chunk, OG Kush and Alien OG.

PotBox states on its website “It’s about carefully controlling all phases of the plant’s life cycle and creating a sense of stewardship over the entire process — from seed selection to harvesting, production, and packaging… It’s about respecting the rights and the livelihoods of the people who cultivate and harvest our cannabis.”

PotBox is the latest startup to cash in on the legal industry. PotBox focuses on stylish presentation. They hope it will help non-smokers accept medical marijuana.

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