PotBotics is a startup company that mixes robotics with artificial intelligence to help growers, patients, and doctors in the medical cannabis industry.

David Goldstein is the CEO of PotBotics. He cofounded the company in 2014 with his father, Baruch. The Goldsteins wanted to start a company that would use scientific data to support cannabis recommendations.

Right now the company has two products, PotBot and BrainBot. Both products work to find out which medical cannabis strains work best with different ailments.

The PotBot is the first virtual budtender of sorts. The engine determines what strain to recommend by combining scientific data and crowd-sourced reviews to patients. The PotBot catalogues the cannabinoid levels of strains and what ailments they best treat to help patients know what to buy.

“It’s something that we’re really proud of, it really breaks cannabis down into more of a science. It really eliminates that role of the dice recommendation that patients currently go through,” Goldstein said.

He believes that right now most, if not all, dispensaries’ budtenders don’t have the all-encompassing knowledge of what research has been done on each strain and what cannabinoids are in them. Goldstein says the Bot focuses purely on cannabinoid values and can more accurately assist patients for their medical needs.

“We wanted to add transparency and understanding to what research has actually been done on these cannabinoids that links them to actual medical ailments,” Goldstein said.

Goldstein’s father originally worked with Alzheimer’s patients using EEG’s (electroencephalography) to measure patient’s brainwave responses to different medications to help determine what worked best for each person. That’s in part what fueled the idea to start PotBotics, Goldstein wanted to do the same for cannabis patients.  

The BrainBot is a wireless EEG helmet that captures the brainwaves of patients and analyzes their response to cannabinoids to determine what level of cannabinoids should be recommended and then what strain to buy.

For now PotBot and BrainBot are the only products in the public eye, but PotBotics is working on a new product to be released soon. The NanoPot looks at the genetics of seeds, and which seeds have the highest threshold for producing CBD’s using genetic markers.              

That way the company can focus on cannabis recommendations from the soil up.  

“BrainBot targets doctors, PotBot targets dispensaries and consumer, and NanoBot targets cultivators,” Goldstein said. “That’s the reason that we built PotBotics, we care deeply about this medical data and we want to serve the three main points of distribution.”

Goldstein believes his company will help the future of cannabis be an industry of transparency, held to the same standards as any other medical field. He wants cannabis to be taken seriously by legislators, and businesses alike.

“To us it represents the whole cannabis ecosystem, which is why the data that we’re gathering right now is going to be invaluable in the future with moving the conversation forward.”

Visit www.potbotics.com for more information about this company.

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