The Peak Beyond, LLC, is a manufacturer of interactive smart tables for retail spaces. Their attention has shifted to the cannabis space with optimistic sights due to California’s path to legalization, Peak Beyond hopes to target a wave of new and inexperienced cannabis consumers. Their objective is to provide cannabis consumers with the experience of navigating a dispensary visit through a digital smart table – this customizable experience will allow for patients to find tailored treatment options to specifically target their needs without directly speaking with dispensary staff.

The Peak Beyond Smart Table utilizes intelligent recognition capabilities, and clickable pathways with videos or text to educate patients on their treatment options. An integrated point of sale in each smart table provides the dispensary with a method to track sales along with supply and demand. Issues that The Peak Beyond Smart Table addresses to dispensary owners is the ability to decrease wait times through their automated POS system, and a reduction in additional revenue spent on staffing due to its’ overall design and features.

The Peak Beyond was born out of a group of long-time friends who have shared work bonds together for over six years. Jeff LaPenna, Cofounder and CEO of The Peak Beyond, is a USC alumni from Southern California, and has experience working as a media director and producer in California for major companies. John Capogna,  Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of The Peak Beyond;  Capogna is an interactive artist who mainly works with code to find empathetic expressions in human-machine interaction. Bill Stark, Co-founder and Director of Sales and Manufacturing, has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester, and has experience as an entrepreneur and self-starter in the San Francisco Bay.

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