Pass the “Duby” With This Cannabis App

Duby is a popular cannabis social networking app that has been rated 5 out of 5 stars on the Apple store and has nothing but several positive reviews. The main concept of Duby relates to the name, you post your cannabis related photo and share it as you would pass a “duby” around with your friends.

Duby was founded two years ago by Alec Rochord and his business partner. It is free and available worldwide now, however getting started was a little difficult. The app took off and so many people were downloading it that the server kept crashing. Someone would share the Duby and it would crash the entire app. Co-Founder  Russ Thomas, who is also the CTO knew he needed to solve this issue quickly and redid the algorithms. This immediately fixed the issue and their users no longer experience that problem. Currently, over 70,000 people have downloaded the app and spend about 20 minutes a day on it.

Rothford describes Duby as more of a game than a social network. The higher your score is, the more influence you have.

The app was designed to be as simple as possible and connect the cannabis community. On other social networks, some of the users generated content is not seen. With Duby, the content is shared to another user in the same location anonymously. Regardless of the person’s’ status, they have the same score when playing Duby.

How it works: Duby shows your image to other people near you and to those who also follow you. When users see your photo or “Duby” they can choose to pass it to other people near them or can choose to not pass it. The end goal is to have your Duby go viral without even needing to build a large following or user base. This allows for your “Duby” to be passed nationwide or potentially globally.  

This app was also created to be very secure. Other social networking apps require you to put in all of your information when signing up, whereas Duby only requires an email and that the users be 17 years or older. They also have the location anonymized for your safety. Meaning no one knows exactly where you are. (Unless the user discloses that them).

Because this app is completely free, Rothford and his business partner currently have made no revenue to date. He claims, “I am more interested in making the best product that people will enjoy rather than be making money from it.”

In the next month, they will be implementing new features that explain the app better.

Duby is available on iPhone and android. If you want to learn more about Duby or to download the app you can go to

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