Founded in Novato, California in 2017, Trym, the only purpose-built farm management platform for the cannabis industry, helps cannabis farmers track and measure data, improve operational efficiency, manage daily operations, grow revenues and increase competitive advantage.

Meet The Founders 

Matt Mayberry is the CEO and co-founder of Trym, where he drives the company vision and product strategy. Prior to founding Trym, he was Director of Product Management at SunPower, a leading U.S. solar manufacturer. Throughout his career, Matt has repeatedly conceptualized, designed, and launched market disrupting products. He earned his B.S. degree in computer science from Oregon State University and has focused his professional efforts on his passion for technology, sustainability, and cannabis.

Benjamin is the COO and co-founder at Trym. He brings to the team extensive experience in product development and operations management. In addition to leading hardware development and operations, Benjamin is also a licensed electrician and a certified energy manager.

Karen is the Marketing Director and co-founder of Trym where she manages content strategy and creation, events planning and coordination, PR, and social media. Karen received her bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business.

In The News

On February 25th, 2019 Trym announced that startup veteran and cannabis-industry technology innovator Sean McCullough has joined the leadership team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Sean is a software engineer of 20+ years turned startup enthusiast. Prior to Trym, McCullough served as Vice President of Engineering at Denver-based Baker Technologies, which recently completed a successful merger and initial public offering (IPO) on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE).

In his career, he has founded and successfully exited several startups in various spaces including marketing and advertising, cannabis, music, fashion, and video games.

With this exciting news, DCN wanted to check-in with the team over at Trym to see how the landscape has been building a cannabis software company focusing towards cultivation and farm management.

The Interview

DCN: Since inception, how has TRYM evolved?

TRYM: Matt Mayberry and Benjamin Wong both spent the majority of their careers in the solar industry. The initial idea for Trym was to leverage their experience in solar to build energy management systems for commercial growers. Very early into developing that concept, Karen, Matt and Benjamin discovered an opportunity to provide far more value to cultivators than energy management alone. After interviewing hundreds of growers and visiting dozens of farms the founding team identified a recurring theme in cultivation businesses of all sizes.

Cultivators make decisions every day, that can have meaningful impacts on their business, with little or no data. Most growers are actually pretty diligent about collecting data related to their plants but the issue is that they collect data manually using notebooks and whiteboards. This makes it difficult for growers to draw insights from their data when making business decisions. Also, the team found that as cultivation businesses had scaled, managing their teams, gardens and facilities had become more challenging. With this new perspective, the team decided to broaden the vision for Trym to address these pain points with comprehensive farm management software.

DCN: What are the pain points TRYM is solving for the grower community?

TRYM: We automate data collection in the garden through a combination of sensors and our mobile app. The data collected is available in real-time in the Trym web app so that managers can compare costs and yields between batches, rooms, and facilities. We also provide useful tools to save growers time related to scheduling daily tasks, team coordination, and facility management.

As an example, managers can develop custom workflows for batches, rooms, or growth cycles, within the web app and these workflows will automatically generate employee tasks that they track and complete within the Trym app on their mobile device. This provides a substantial time saving for managers, increases accountability among their team, and ensures employees always know what work needs to be completed each day.

DCN: Congratulations on adding Sean to your team as CTO, how did this evolve?

TRYM: We met through a mutual friend at the ArcView Group. Sean mentioned to her that he was considering building a platform to help cultivators manage their business and optimize plant growth. She told Sean that there was a company called Trym that was already building something very similar, and she suggested that Sean meet with the Trym founders. When we first met with Sean we weren’t sure if he was a competitor, a potential partner, or even a possible investor. We immediately hit it off and after a few more meetings we agreed we’d be able to build some incredible things together and we decided to work together.

DCN: Initially, you though Trym would focus on the boutique grower, when did you realize that what you are offering could actually benefit both the smaller grow and larger grow?

TRYM: I think somewhat naively we assumed that large scale cultivators wouldn’t benefit as much as small to mid-size growers would from using Trym. During our early discovery phase, we spoke with as many cultivators as we could. During one meeting with a manager who was responsible for hundreds of thousands of square feet of canopy, Trym CEO Matt Mayberry started to demo our software. He prefaced this by saying, “You’re not necessarily our target customer, but it would be great to get your thoughts on whether this would be beneficial for boutique and mid-scale farms.” After the demo, the manager looked at Matt and said, “I don’t know why you said this wouldn’t be good for us. We’re big but we have all of the problems that exist in small or mid-size farms, ours are just bigger problems!” After this, we realized our software could benefit farms of all sizes.

DCN: What makes your technology unique?

TRYM: Trym is the only cannabis specific farm management software. We’re completely focused on helping cannabis farmers optimize their production and day to day operations. We don’t distract ourselves by building features for other plants, like micro-greens or mushrooms, and this allows every feature to be perfectly customized for cannabis production.

DCN: Sean, can you give DCN any insight into what you have in store for TRYM?

Sean: Joining the Trym team is a great opportunity for me to continue my efforts in the cannabis space. Having worked in similar technology within the industry, I see Trym as the be-all need for cannabis tech. My goal is to bring my many years of experience in technology to the team in order to grow Trym into the optimization engine for cannabis cultivation.

Interested in learning more about how Trym’s management software can help your business?

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